The Lioness Or The Cage

(Monday, July 28 2014) Yesterday ended my first wild day without a reason. Mrs. Lion gave me a full 24 hours of freedom. Last night Mrs. Lion teased me a bit and then began oral stimulation. After I was totally into it she asked if I would trade an orgasm for another day of freedom. Of course I refused. I was ready to orgasm. So, Mrs. Lion gave me an amazing oral orgasm. I was happy to get locked up again.

I have to admit that I also worried a bit that Mrs. Lion wouldn’t lock me up after my day of freedom. Worse, I wasn’t sure that I would object to being left wild. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the changes the cage has brought our sex life. The very fact that Mrs. Lion actually gave me a wild day and then offered me a choice is a great step forward. She is absolutely in control now. I love how that feels.

Her offer of letting me go wild was very generous. Even though I can pee standing up, it is challenging over a standard toilet. There is always the risk of bad aim and spray. With no cage it is easier. Also a long drive sometimes results in my underwear pulling up and the base ring cutting into me a bit. However, that is small stuff compared to oral sex. Given a choice, I can’t imagine not choosing an orgasm from my lioness. She, however, said (in her post yesterday) that she will try different options to see if there is something I will trade an orgasm for — fat chance.

I really like Mrs. Lion’s thinking. My lockup and orgasms are becoming a currency that she can use to test me. There is no longer any doubt that any reprieve from lockup will be temporary. Similarly, Mrs. Lion has proven that she can withhold orgasms from me as long as she wishes. It sounds like she now wants to have some fun with this power. How cool is that?

We were away this past weekend attending an event with friends. There wasn’t a great deal of free time. We were also pretty tired. Our bed didn’t allow us to get a full night’s sleep. Despite that, Mrs. Lion used clothespins on my penis and gave me a ruined orgasm Saturday night and a great oral orgasm Sunday. I wonder when my anal training will resume. It’s one of those things I love to hate. I wonder if, after more training, I will learn to love pegging and her hand up my ass. With consistent training, I am willing to bet that I will learn to crave it. I certainly want to try.