(Sunday, July 27 2014) Last night, Mrs. Lion unlocked me and spent some time applying painful clothespins to my cock and balls. I was hard the instant I was freed from the cage. Clearly I’m back. I stayed hard through it all. She then edged me several times. The last time ended up a ruined orgasm. Unlike a lot of males, I lose my ability to get hard after a ruined orgasm. Last night, only a tiny amount of semen dripped out. Apparently it is enough to end the fun. I could tell it was the start of an orgasm. I could feel muscles tightening in my thigh. But it wasn’t satisfying. Mrs. Lion didn’t intend to push me that far. She tried to revive me with oral attention. No luck.

She let me go to bed without being locked up. I woke up with a very hard penis. That was a nice treat. We went to breakfast with me wild. It’s 10 AM and I am still wild. I’m sure it won’t last much longer, but it is nice and I am enjoying the freedom. That raises the question I asked the other day about wanting to remain locked up. It does feel very nice to be “wild,” but I do want to be back in my cage.

I have to say that being wild feels very good. Peeing is way easier. It is more comfortable to be wild. The thing is that the least important function of the cage is preventing unauthorized erections and sexual release. Most important is that it is an unmistakable symbol of my surrender of sexual control. It’s very difficult for Mrs. Lion and I to backslide into a non-sexual relationship.

Ok, I also love bondage and my cage is 24/7 bondage for me. I do like that a lot. I really like the power exchange. That was one part I thought I would like but never experienced. It’s been almost six months of continuous lockup. The novelty has certainly worn off for both of us. It looks like the excitement and value of being locked up is permanent. This value keeps growing as Mrs  Lion and I grow into our roles. When I first suggested forced male chastity I had no idea what I was starting. We have a agreement that at the least I will remain locked until March of 2016. I’m sure it will go much longer than that.