Most people I know like a little freedom. When the boss stops looking over your shoulder, you feel a little more comfortable. There’s no need to micromanage most people. Lion is not most people. When I allowed him to be wild for his first week of work I thought I was being nice. When I said we’d need a while to figure out the logistics of his working full time again, I thought I was being realistic. When we were both tired, I thought it was normal. I was wrong. So, no more Mrs. Nice Lion.

Lion said all I had to do was tell him not to watch TV. I didn’t have to hide the remotes. Yeah. Right. Sure. Is that like when I told him he needed to turn off the TV while we play? Or when I said I hate that the TV is even in the bedroom? But now I can tell him to pause any show at any time? Uh huh. I think I should hide them more often. I think he’s lucky I don’t take control of them altogether. I think he’s lucky I didn’t remove the TV from the bedroom.

He also says he liked being wild. He didn’t want to go back in his cage. Buh. Buh. Buh. Too bad. You pushed your luck. Now you’re back in the cage. And I might not even give him his orgasm tonight although my criteria is that he has to be very horny and he certainly was last night. It’s amazing how he can go from being positive he’ll never get aroused again to being desperate for an orgasm all in the span of twenty-four hours. Silly boy.

When Lion was talking about his desire to be wild, first I said too bad, but then I asked him if he thought he wanted to be wild for good. He said what we always say: There’s a good reason he stays caged. It works. Then he asked if I would really let him stay wild. No, I wouldn’t. But he didn’t know that. I said we may have to work something out if he was going to go to the gym at work. Maybe a free weekday Lion. Maybe just the days he works out. We’ll have to figure it out. Then he told me I was too quick to agree to his being wild. He needs to hear that he won’t be wild. And here we are at the what-do-I-have-to-do-to-make-him-happy part of our program. I didn’t agree to his being wild. We were just talking. Certainly there may be days he needs to be wild if he’s going to the gym. If he were going on a business trip and I told him he had to wear the cage even though he had to go through airport security, that would be unreasonable. If he were showering where other people might see the cage and I told him he had to wear it, that would be unreasonable. For the record, I do not want him to be wild. The cage stays. End of story.

The other issue we encountered yesterday was that I told him I felt a little horny. He was very happy. He offered to help with that when he got home. The problem is that it doesn’t last long. It has happened before and it’s a fleeting moment. Happening as it did after I clamped down on his behavior, I knew he would think it was the exercise of power that turned me on. He said it has in the past. I don’t keep track of when I say I’m horny so I don’t know if there’s a correlation. I doubt it. I also know he’s eager to make more out of my brief glimpse of horniness than he should. Ironically, I was thinking of the same quote in Becker when I realized he could make the connection. Now he’ll think I like being in charge. Actually, I think all that happened was that I got to the end of his toddler rope and decided he needed to be reeled back in. Boys will be boys until they go just a little too far. Everyone needs a course correction from time to time. Yesterday was Lion’s turn.