The Stocking Stuffer

Lion had the second of his Christmas orgasms last night. I teased him a little bit and then I had him roll over for a play spanking. When he’s hard before I spank him, Mr. Weenie pokes out from under his balls between his legs and I can tease him a bit more. I like the view from that angle too. Sexy buns, balls and cock all in a row. Yum! I gave him rosy cheeks and then had him roll over again. Since it was his second night in a row, I probably should have teased him a bit more but I went right for the orgasm. I don’t mean right for it. I did build up, but I didn’t edge him over and over again.

When I was done he asked why I hadn’t done any oral teasing. Sheesh! He’d been ridden the night before and now he wanted oral too? Greedy much? I told him if I had given him oral he wouldn’t have anything to look forward to on New Year’s eve. I don’t want to spoil him too much. As it was, I left him wild overnight. He could pee standing up. He didn’t have to worry about the cage pinching. What more could he want? Oral. That’s what.

I’m just kidding him. I know he’s not greedy or spoiled. He may not have even wanted to be wild. I’ve thought about leaving him wild until after the last of his New Year’s orgasms, but I don’t know if he’d like that idea. I may see leaving him wild as a present, but he may look at it another way. I think it shows him I trust him if I leave him wild. Of course I trust him even if he never wears the cage again. I’m not abandoning the cage idea. I just like to give him vacations from time to time. He sees it as a reminder to me to play with him. Actually, I forget the cage is off and I go for the key even when I don’t need to. Or, like him, I reach for the cage to tease him and it’s not there. So do we need the cage anymore?

I don’t think we ever needed the cage in the sense of Lion cheating or even playing with himself once we decided to revamp our sex lives. The cage is a tool, much like the paddles and butt plugs. It brings things into focus for us. When I give Lion his unlocked vacations, it’s not like I’m telling him he’s free to fuck anyone we wants. I know he won’t. I like to allow him to pee standing up and not be pinched and wear whatever underwear he wants to wear and feel the breeze. It’s sort of the difference between being in traffic and having the whole road to yourself. You’re still in your comfy car, but nothing is in your way.

If orgasms are his Christmas gifts, then maybe a wild weenie is the stocking stuffer.