A Force For The Better

(Tuesday, July 22, 2014) As Mrs. Lion pointed out in her post yesterday, there has been a lull in the action. We have played a couple of times but not with any real energy or great excitement. I’m not sure what is behind this, but I do hope it will end soon. There is one very strong positive that has come out of our summer doldrums: even without the great sexual tension, we continue with forced chastity. I realized today that neither of us even considered ending my lockup. Even in the face of lost sexual energy, the cage remains firmly in place.

A recent forum comment got me thinking. The writer claimed that forced chastity made marriages better because the man automatically became more caring and thoughtful and the wife more interested in her partner’s sexual satisfaction. I disagree with that. I do think Mrs. Lion and I are more thoughtful because we decided to begin forced chastity, not because I am locked up. In fairness to the forum poster, I think that because I am locked we can’t slip too far down into our old habits. My need to orgasm and her concern for my welfare prevent that. The more I think about how chastity is affecting our relationship, the more I believe it is a powerful force for the better.

Inertia, in my opinion, is the most dangerous enemy of a good relationship. Just allowing things to slip into a comfortable-but-negative pattern slowly pushes people apart. Some sort of change is needed to stop the slide and move the passive things back into the active column. In our case, the combination of Mrs. Lion’s fairly low libido with my discomfort with sexual initiation made it very easy for us to do nothing and as a result, touch less and lose our physical intimacy.

The locked penis is not some sort of flaccid magic wand that changed all that. However, the reassignment of its ability to ejaculate, forced me to communicate more about my sexual needs. I lost the ability to just take care of things myself. Mrs. Lion, by holding the key, can’t forget that I am sexually helpless without her active participation. Neither of us can succumb to inertia. The very force that is built into males will force me to actively communicate sexually with my lioness. She, in turn, can’t forget that I depend totally on her for sexual release.

In that sense, even when we have low activity periods like now, they can’t last too long. My hormones and Mrs. Lion’s concern for my well being won’t permit it. While we haven’t discussed this, I think we are both aware of the fact that my cage assures us that we can’t fall back into our old pattern. This is a very good reason why there is little chance I will ever be a wild lion again.