Definite Lull in the Action

sleeping lions
We both seem to have lower sexual energy levels. One reason may be the amount of traveling we have been doing.

We were away for a few days, in the middle of nowhere, with no cell or internet service readily available. It was just as well. I didn’t have anything to write about anyway. I played with Lion a few times but I guess neither of us were really into it. Even last night. I was tired from driving. Although, from his post this morning, Lion was ready for anything. Or so he said.

In practice, he didn’t seem very horny. I asked him about it. By day five he should be tree-humping horny. I edged him a few times and he said he thought he had a ruined orgasm. I didn’t think so but anything is possible. Then he said he was horny again. Oh well. Too bad. No orgasm for you. I’ve decided to wait till he actually appears to want it. And then make him wait a little longer. Unless, of course, I want his orgasm before he really wants it. Then I’ll just take it.

At first I was a little worried that we haven’t been more active lately. But then the more I thought about it, I’m actually glad we’re both in the same boat. It would be far more difficult if he were raring to go and I didn’t feel like it. It would be far less likely that I would be raring to go and he didn’t feel like it. But that happened a few times when I was giving him an orgasm every night. I think our lull is a combination of the heat we had a while ago and the fact that we’re travelling a lot. At least I hope that’s what it is. Maybe a few good nights of sleep and we’ll be back in action.

One other possibility is that I psyched myself out by giving him a goal of the bigger butt plug. I knew it would require more of my attention. Perhaps my mind said, “Nope. Sorry. Uh-uh. Let’s just back way the heck off for a bit.” I was fairly stressed last week between the two jobs and getting ready to go away. So now I’m working on getting myself psyched back up for his goal. It doesn’t take that long to shove a butt plug in and let nature take its course. He has to start out slow anyway.

I am still interested in using his mini weenie on him, though. Maybe this weekend. I’m excited to see him screw himself.