Not Tonight, Dear

Last night I went back to anal training with Lion. He took the smaller Njoy butt plug for a few hours. I think it was a bit uncomfortable this time because he said he couldn’t pee with it in. I don’t remember that being an issue before.

The night before last I told him he couldn’t have an orgasm until he was really horny. We need to get out of our doldrums. By day five he should have been chomping at the bit. He wasn’t. Last night was day six. And the whining began. Well, not really whining. Just an awakening and the prospect of tree-humping horniness. Not that I want an overly whiny pet. But it’s sort of fun when he lets me know he really needs relief. I love his I’m-so-pathetic look.

A little while after I removed the butt plug he asked if I was going to unlock him. I said no. He pouted and asked why. I told him he had been out for exercise just the night before. I asked him what he thought he could accomplish by being unlocked. Of course I knew he wanted an orgasm, but how badly? He said I told him if he was horny he could come. And he was horny. But I need him to be really horny.

As we kissed good night he told me I was being mean to him. Awwwww. Poor Lion. Maybe he’s starting to emerge from his hibernation. Maybe by tonight he’ll be seven days horny. Maybe I’ll make him wait another night just to make sure. Maybe I haven’t been mean enough to him. I think I see restraints in Lion’s future. Possibly some Icy Hot. Some mean clothes pins?

Perhaps I won’t be mean at all. Just a wife who loves to tease her favorite toy right to the edge. And if the mood strikes me, maybe over the edge. I hope he’s really horny tonight. We can definitely have some fun.