(Friday, July 18 2014) Last night, as she wrote in her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion surprised me with a nice orgasm. I had no idea she was going to make me come. She was edging me and out of the blue asked if I wanted to come. I really thought it was a trick question and she would say, “Too bad, you can’t.” Bur no, she just went ahead and gave me a nice orgasm. What a treat! She had me eat the result, of course, but luckily there wasn’t much. She asked me if I did that on purpose. I laughed and said, “I wish!”

That was a nice surprise. Later in her post, she warned me that she was going to be much more active with the stuff I love to hate: spanking, anal penetration, and cock and ball torture. She said that these were the lazy days of summer and she hasn’t felt much like being that active. I share her sense of the season. I haven’t felt any particular yearning to have things up my ass. My horniness has also been lower than usual. I don’t know why. Maybe my lowered interest is sensed by Mrs Lion, or maybe the lack of activity temporarily lulls me. I don’t know.

I do know that the shock collar was out this morning. I expect that Mrs. Lion will have me wear it this weekend. She may even use it. I’ll let you know. The new, shortened cage is still very comfortable. My original irritation was probably due to some urine getting between my penis and scrotum. That can easily happen with my Jail Bird if I drip a bit and don’t wait long enough to let it all hit the toilet (I know, more information than you need). In any case, the shorter cage is dong everything it should and the base ring is just the right size. I don’t think it is much smaller than the one that got lost. It’s fine. I am comfortable day and night.

In reading the various male chastity forums, I keep seeing references to discomfort caused by base rings. The forum denizens, advise males to use various lubes to deal with this problem. I completely disagree. If a base ring is causing irritation, remove the cage and let it heal. Consider getting a larger ring or changing the entire device. Plastic (like CB6000, etc.) rings tend to cause more irritation than stainless steel. Silicone can be comfortable, but likes to stick and then when finally moved, irritate. Whatever the cause, don’t just put lube on. Skin likes to be dry most of the time. Find another chastity device or get a larger ring. Just my experience.

Another weekend about to start with Mrs. Lion making plans for me. It is exciting to know something is coming. Stay tuned.