(Wednesday, July 9, 2014) There are two obvious features of forced male chastity: control and sex. About six months ago when I proposed being locked up to Mrs. Lion, I was thinking mainly about control. I knew that the vast majority of writing on the male chastity experience was about sex, but I figured that being caged would focus our male minds on getting off since we couldn’t. However, the appeal to me was the idea that Mrs. Lion would be in total control of my ability to enjoy any sort of sexual expression. My fantasies ran to bondage, spanking, and discipline. Orgasms were not on my list. I also didn’t really think much about having to wait any length of time to come. I had no agenda to be orgasm-free for any long period of time.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think much about sexual release. I really love sex and all my life it has been on the top of the things-I-like-to-do list. Of course, being controlled is very sexual to me, so I guess my thinking was as sexual as any other caged male, just twisted a bit. What I didn’t realize at the time was the amazing power this little cage would have over both of our lives.

As we have both written, prior to me being caged, our sex life was not terribly good for either of us. Mrs. Lion gave me the occasional handjob or oral sex. She didn’t seem interested in orgasms for herself. At the same time I asked her to lock me up, I also decided to start blogging about forced male chastity. Mrs. Lion agreed to be my keyholder without a clear idea of what it would require, but she knew it would make me happy if she assumed the role.

I’m really happy that both of us have been writing here. Going back over the past months’ posts shows how my chastity has actually been the catalyst to restart our sex life and improve our communications as a couple. The fact is that sex has moved into the foreground for both of us. My July fourth orgasm surprised me. I knew I would be coming and Mrs. Lion honored my request that she ride me. That wasn’t the surprise. The big surprise for me was how aroused Mrs. Lion was before she mounted me. She was very wet and ready. I had expected that I would be providing some fun oral attention prior to being mounted, but no, Mrs. Lion climbed on and off we went. That was a very big and welcome change. After I came, she told me to clean up, which I was delighted to do. Mrs. Lion had a couple of nice orgasms from my tongue.

That was Friday night. On Sunday night she gave me an unscheduled oral orgasm. Wow! That was followed by a great handjob on Monday night (she fed me the result). That’s a lot of sex! I’m not claiming that we have suddenly become sex fiends, but over the last months things have gotten much more sexual around the lions’ den. Other couples who share their experiences report a similar metamorphosis; sex lives improve once the male is caged. Go figure!

I haven’t experienced the sort of control and discipline I wanted when we started. Sure, Mrs. Lion now spanks me quite regularly and occasionally uses my shock collar when we are out and about. She likes to shock me when I don’t expect it and laughs at my reaction. I love all of this! I am also coming to realize that I am very happy with how things are now. I don’t expect my lioness to turn into a dominatrix. Our power exchange is evolving slowly in a most satisfying (to me) way.

Most important to me is that Mrs. Lion wants sex with me again. She has complained in her posts about making me wait when she wants to make me come. That is a big change. Our posts have helped open up channels of communication that we had allowed to close. We talk a lot more now. We also pay close attention to what each other writes. We are learning.

I’ve noticed that a good percentage of the email and comments we get are from couples who are at different stages of the same changes we are making. I think it is fair to generalize that when the male is caged, positive changes in communication and sexual expression follow. I am also fairly sure that when the male proposes being caged, he doesn’t have these changes in mind. I sure didn’t. I am also pretty sure that Mrs. Lion had no sense that caging me would be anything more than a way to make me happy in a sexual, BDSM way. I don’t think I would have believed that we would change this way if someone told me when we just decided to start. My motives were my desire to feel sexually controlled. Mrs. Lion’s were to make me happy. If others weren’t sharing their evolution in male chastity, I would consider what is happening to us to be unique and a lucky break. But we aren’t unique. We may be typical. Forced male chastity is about sex and as it turns out, about better communication and a stronger marriage. It’s a good thing my cage is comfortable. I don’t think I will be leaving it any time soon.