Judge And Jury

In general, I have no use for making Lion wait to have an orgasm. Knowing there’s a date looming out there annoys me. When I was making him wait twelve days, there were times I thought of just making him come. But I was trapped by that date I had chosen and further trapped because I said he could neither have time off nor time added. It was set in stone.

Why? If it’s up to me to decide when he comes and when he waits, then why was there a specific date? Well, Lion wanted one. And I stupidly went all in and gave him the date along with making it absolute. His next wait was only five days with no stipulation of time off or time added. As you’ve read, I didn’t adhere to that at all. The only certainty is that he will, indeed, have an orgasm on the fifth day, today. But he also got to come a few extra times.

Why? Because I said so! I hated when my mother said that. But it’s so very useful. There’s no arguing with it. I don’t need a reason. I’m in charge and I said so and that’s it. End of discussion.

However, I can understand Lion wanting a specific date. Which is why I probably won’t make him wait for long again unless he says he wants to. If he were to ask for a two week wait or even a month because he wants to see what it feels like, I would probably agree to it. I wouldn’t like it, but I’d do it for him. I just want to make him come when I want to make him come. I don’t care what the calendar says. I don’t care if he just came yesterday. I don’t care if someone else’s keyholder hasn’t let him come in a year and a half.

I didn’t find him to be any more attentive while he was being denied. If anything he was probably less attentive. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. I’m still not tree-humping horny like Lion is. Ironically it would probably be less of a challenge for me to be the one locked away. Aside from the obvious discomfort of a female chastity device (at least I imagine it’s uncomfortable) I think what would bother me the most is being told what I could and couldn’t do. The lack of sex would be no big deal. Of course, if I was teased every day and not allowed to come that would be a different story.

So what does this mean for Lion? Well, we’ve discussed it a little bit. He knows I get nothing out of making him wait. He also knows I will make him wait if he wants to wait. He should know, from this past five day wait, that if I want him to orgasm he’s going to orgasm and I don’t care how long I told him he’s waiting. So far he has no problem with extra orgasms. I’m assuming he’ll want to wait at some point in the future. I think he’s happy that I am in charge of when he comes. If I do happen to decide to make him wait I think he’ll need a specific date. That’s how his mind works. I get that. But, as fair warning, I may throw that date out the window if I get too annoyed with it.

He wanted me to be in charge. I will entertain his wishes, but I am the judge and jury.


  1. Author

    For some guys, there is the strong appeal of a challenge, and having a target date becomes a goal. The next thing you know, their mind is focused not on the denial itself, but on meeting the challenges. That’s why some guys become obsessed with orgasm trackers, charts, dates, etc.

    The problem with such goals, is that once they are reached, there’s always another goal. Wait 2 weeks? Done, what’s next? A month? Three months? A year? At some point it becomes ridiculous, and it’s more of a PITA than fun. Years ago, Mrs. Edge and I went at it one week at a time, and we ended it at close to 9 months. When we talked about it later, we decided that it would be crazy to “beat” that; I mean, what’s next? A year?

    But what we considered was that at the time, we did what was comfortable for the both of us. We didn’t set out with any long term goals, we actually went week to week. Ironically, some years later, we actually *did* go for well over a year (15 or 16 months), but there wasn’t a pre-defined goal in mind until we realized that a year was coming up.

    My own opinion, worth what you’re paying for it, is this: Let Lion have this one. Give him the target, or maybe even a day or two over that. Then tell him that for the next 6 months, the control is yours alone. That way, you both get something that you want.

    1. Author

      You have a good point. I currently don’t feel the need to increase how long I wait. What I enjoyed when Mrs.Lion set a fixed time, in this case 12 days, was that it was a fun topic that one of us brought up now and then. You know, “Too bad you have to wait another 5 days.” I liked that. I decided to track orgasms and wait times purely out of my own curiosity. It has become something of a pain to keep up. I probably will discontinue it unless Mrs. Lion or our readers find it interesting.

      Our particular situation has history we are overcoming. Mrs. Lion tends toward inertia. Our past, which I wrote about in some posts, has been one where we both basically ignored intimacy. One reason chastity has been helpful is that it forces the issue of sex into our conscious minds. Fixed, or at least planned, orgasm days has a similar effect. That’s why I want them. I know that many men like the challenge of how long they can wait. I admit curiosity about how waiting would make me feel and I think I would like to experience a slightly longer wait just to see what happens. Beyond that my interest is in the surrender of control and the new excitement we are experiencing.

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