Poor Lion is in the homestretch of his twelve day wait. The other day we got his Jail Bird back and with its shorter length I practically had to cram his horny weenie in it. Needless to say, last night he got teased through the cage. If I had let him out I may not have been able to get him back in.

That brings up an interesting problem. If he is so horny that just a gentle breeze gives him a raging hard-on, then how do I make him wait for an extended period of time. Once I take him out for tease and deny, he won’t be flaccid enough to lock him up again.

What are my options? I could keep his waits short. I wouldn’t mind that. Lion wouldn’t mind it either except he really does want to be denied for longer periods of time. We could switch back to the Chinese cage when it becomes too difficult to get him into the Jail Bird. He’ll hate that idea. It’s less comfortable and he may have to pee sitting down. We could get another Jail Bird made that is sized somewhere in between the old one and the resized one. That would be expensive, but it may be the best idea. We could do nothing. He’d have to learn to get soft enough to be caged again.

This will require some thought. There are pros and cons to each option. As always, we’ll discuss it and I will make the final decision.

In the meantime, Lion will get his release within the next ten hours. After the blood flow has returned to his brain, I will tell him what his new wait time will be. Will he be relieved? Will he be disappointed? Will he be frustrated? The only thing I know for sure is that he will be horny again tomorrow!


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    my Mistress (wife) and i are new to the cage. but it has been one of her most favorite toys. I have no experience with extended denial but whether she makes me wait 1 day or 5, its the same frustration, the same longing, the same release. Although, whether she does or doesn’t tease me in the meantime makes all the difference. It was hard for me to accept what she wants instead of trying to “top from the bottom”. The biggest cure for this is for her, or you, to follow your desires, not mine or his. Mistress Jackie does not remove my cage for teasing. She will play with my balls (lightly or rough, whichever she chooses) or my nipples (which I always respond to) or any other way she chooses. It is the attention I am receiving from her that turns me on…as well as the physical triggers. So in short, if you need his cum…he doesnt get to wait. The more you tease him I’m not sure it matters how long he is locked up, he will have the same cravings. Hope this helps.

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    You could use an ice pack to shrink him up. If he’s as keen on your control as this blog suggests, he’ll likely enjoy that, though not so much on a physical level. 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing your experience and musings.

    I have found that even the most determined erection wilts fairly quickly in contact a bag of frozen peas!

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    Lion did suggest ice as a way to “cure” his excitement. I will try it. Thanks!

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