lion penis comparison
Here are two pictures of my erections. The one on the left is the one Mrs. Lion commented on as not being my full size hardon. The one on the right is when I am super excited. Note the extra skin on the left, just below the head that is stretched out on the right. Click the image for a larger, full color version.

(Monday, June 30 2014) Last night Mrs. Lion responded to my thought that going straight to teasing may not produce a full-blown erection. I do get hard, but she observed that there are times I am larger and there is much less loose skin on my penis (see the images right). So, in the interest of science she administered a foreplay spanking. I had discovered a paddle in my home office closet that I had purchased some years ago. It is made of rubber about an inch thick. It is heavy and I was told by the women I used it on, that it is the meanest paddle they ever experienced. That’s a compliment, by the way. I got requests for repeat performances. That paddle had never been used on me. Mrs. Lion fixed that omission.

She warmed me up with her hands and a nasty, stinging wood paddle, then used the rubber one. Due to its weight and relatively small surface area, it packed a great punch. It was thuddy, almost no sting at all. I have no doubt that when Mrs. Lion is more comfortable with more energetic swats, this paddle will leave marks. She has yet to sit on my back and use swats hard enough to make me try to escape, but I am sure that will happen. She will do it in her good time. After the spanking, my butt was toasty but not in pain. She had me roll over and teased me. Her theory was correct! I got significantly harder (longer) when she played with me.

She has another theory. She thinks that one reason I am not reaching my maximum size is that I know I will not be allowed to orgasm. She said that because of that, my penis holds back. Therefore, she said, we will try a new clone-a-willy a couple of days after my July 4th gala orgasm (she wants to wait a day or two to let my weenie recover from its orgasm). My theory is that my penis, or for that matter my brain, has no control over whether I know or don’t know the outcome of her stimulation. It is the other activities: spanking, being tied down, cock and ball bondage, etc. that arouse me further. Does this mean that Mrs. Lion’s hand isn’t enough? Absolutely not! It means that given my age and pharmaceutically-assisted low blood pressure,  it takes more to get me to my maximum size. When I am teased, I am hard; hard enough to easily provide fun intercourse. It’s just that there is more available. Mrs. Lion noticed that there was some loose skin on my penis that disappears when I am at full staff (see images). In fact, if it weren’t for the disastrously small lion dildo, this topic would have never come up.

You’d think that the longer I am deprived, the harder I would get when stimulated. I certainly thought so. Just as I thought that the longer I did without, the more semen I would produce. As written in an earlier post, I was surprised to discover that only one day after a copious semen display, I repeated it. Another lion theory down the tube, or more accurately, out of the tube.

Mrs. Lion has been teasing me nearly every day lately. She’s doing it, I think, because I mentioned how lonely it feels without any attention. I am loving it. The intimacy and arousal are amazing. In fact, when she asked me what my preference would be for my orgasm, handjob, oral, or lion-riding, I couldn’t answer. Before, I think I would have said anything but handjob. But the truth is that Mrs. Lion’s hand has become a incredible place for my penis. She has always provided the best oral sex I ever experienced, and well, I love when she rides me. So, when she asked for a preference, I was completely stumped. Oral has one advantage: I don’t have to eat my semen. I probably do if she rides me, but what a delightful way to have it served! And with a handjob, I end up eating out of the palm of her hand. I can’t make the decision!

Speaking of lion riding (the position is generally referred to as “cowgirl*” or “reverse cow girl*”), I reminded her that she could always do that without allowing me to come.  She said she knows. I hope she will want to do that one day soon. If not, I am very happy with our present situation.

Speaking of our present situation, Mrs. Lion committed to making me wait 12 days. Today is the eighth day. Her nearly-daily teasing is having the desired effect. I really want to come. Oh boy, do I! The other night she asked if I would eat my semen if she let me come. Without pause, I said yes. Of course I know I have to anyway unless she wants it too much to share. I only have four nights to go before I get to come again. I can’t wait. I think this is a new beginning in our adventure. It’s a good thing I have to wear this cage. It keeps the erection that keeps starting confined when I am out in public or at work.

Speaking of cages, my adjusted cage with the replacement base ring is being mailed today. It should be here on Wednesday. I hope it fits perfectly. Of course I will post a picture when I try it on.


* “Cowgirl” is a sexual position where the woman straddles the man facing his head. “Reverse Cowgirl” is when she straddles facing his feet. It is more difficult for me to come when Mrs. Lion is in the cowgirl position, and much easier when she is doing reverse cowgirl. So for beginning orgasm control, I hope she uses cowgirl. I think she has much better orgasms in that position anyway.