lion and his weenie clone
Lion’s weenie is larger than his clone (much to his relief). We will try another casting to see if we can’t get closer. Meanwhile I have a minnie lion toy. Click the image for a larger, color view.

A while back I mentioned that Lion ordered a Clone A Willy kit. We finally tried it. It was easy enough to do. The instructions are great. Our problem seemed to be keeping Lion hard enough. I think we didn’t use a small enough cock ring. If we had then he could have maintained his erection without help. Too many things happen all at once. Mix this. Stir this. Pour this. It’s the one thing we thought we had planned out that didn’t quite work.

We did manage to make the mold and waited for it to cure. Two long hours later we mixed the silicone and poured it in. We were supposed to wait 24 hours to take it out of the mold, but we couldn’t wait. It was done anyway. I think they err on the side of caution and tell you to let it cure for 24 hours to make absolutely sure it is ready. What we got was an exact copy of my Lion’s weenie. I was impressed that it worked as well as it did. Lion is not impressed by the size. He kept apologizing. But I know that’s not how big he is. He may not be a porn star, but he’s bigger than the replica. We just need to try again with the extra kit. Next time we’ll make sure he’s as erect as he can be so we get an accurate representation of my favorite toy. For now we have a mini Lion to play with. When we redo it we’ll post more pictures.

If you’ve been wondering about it, it’s fairly easy to do. The clean-up is not as bad as I imagined. The mold compound reminds me of the whites of cooked eggs. We spilled a little on the kitchen floor and it just peeled right up. We used a stainless steel bowl to mix it in and it peeled out of the bowl too. We used a plastic cup to mix the silicone so we could just throw it away. We spilled only a little of it onto the counter and it was easy enough to wipe up. As the directions say, I wouldn’t recommend doing it in a carpeted area. I can imagine that being a nightmare to clean.

All in all, the most difficult part was keeping him erect for the entire performance. Ironically I think it’s because I’ve been making him wait for so long. Lion is anxious to try again right away. I think we should wait till after his 4th of July spectacular. My theory is based on the fact that after playing with him a lot last night, he couldn’t get hard again. I think his weenie is wondering what the point is. He gets all hard and ready for liftoff and then the mission is aborted. So he finally gives up. Poor weenie. After a confidence booster of an orgasm he will be ready for cloning action again. I just know it.