If I win the lottery, we will have the dungeon of Lion’s dreams.

I tell Lion there’s no way I would ever win the lottery. Aside from the incredible odds against it, I used up all my luck when I found him. However, that doesn’t keep me from spending all that money in my mind.

As many people would, first I’d pay off our bills. Not that there are many, but it would be great not having them hanging over our heads anymore. No more car loans. No credit card debt. And there are things we’ve been putting off buying because they are wants rather than needs. No more! I’ve got a lottery check burning a hole in my pocket!

Lion might be off buying the latest Ferrari, but I’d be searching for a house. We don’t need anything extravagant. Personally I’d like a kitchen that two people can fit at the same time without being in each other’s way. And for Lion I’d like a dungeon that rivals Christian Grey’s play room. We do have a dungeon now, but it’s not a dedicated room. There’s a treadmill and other exercise equipment. There are bookshelves. There’s a lot of extra stuff that just gets thrown in there because there’s no other place for it to go. There are the cabinets for the toys. And in the middle of the room is the sling. It doesn’t get as much use as Lion would like. His new dungeon would be just a dungeon. Decorated in whatever style he’d like. Stocked with anything and everything Lion wants. So many different crosses and benches and racks to restrain my sweet Lion. So many paddles. So many floggers. So many possibilities.

And, since we’ve won the lottery, we don’t need to work. We’d have a maid and a gardener and a cook and a butler. No more housework. No more yardwork. We’d have all sorts of time to play. Lion could be restrained more often. I can almost hear him purring at that idea. Of course he’d still be caged. He may be allowed out a bit more so I can play with him, but he certainly doesn’t need to be wild to be restrained. With all the new equipment I could get him in the best position for whatever I’m doing to him. Buns front and center for a good spanking. Ass front and center for butt plugs and dildos. Balls front and center for clothes pins or bondage.

I think I might just have to go buy a lottery ticket.