Let’s Make A Deal

Mrs. Lion continues to astound me with her ability to understand and then own my forced chastity. Last night I was released for a “stretch”. She played with me right up to the edge. Excellent tease and deny! She left me uncaged after she stopped. A half hour later, she resumed her activity. This was great for a couple of reasons: It is always fun to be teased by my love, and I need some recovery time before I can really enjoy sex after being locked up for days. The first stimulation takes a while to get me hard and the sensations are mixed at first. This is probably due to my body adjusting to its new freedom.

The second time she played with me, I was enjoying every second. When I got close, she asked, “Would you like to come?”

I said, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Is it worth wearing a diaper both Monday and Tuesday nights?” I had to think about that. As I have written before, Mrs. Lion’s first creative stroke was to require me to wear a diaper from Friday until I leave for work on Monday morning. I have to use the diapers to pee. This is most definitely not a fetish of mine. Neither of us is into adult baby play or anything like it. The diaper wearing is a way for Mrs. Lion to show her control in no uncertain terms. She knows I dislike this part of our play. So, asking me to trade two nights of peeing myself in a diaper for an orgasm was not a simple decision for me.

My decision-making ability wasn’t helped by her continued stroking of my hard cock. I really wanted to come. I also really wanted to get out of diapers until my next scheduled time (Friday). I think if her lubricated hand wasn’t moving up and down my shaft, I probably would have elected to deal with the frustration. But this was too much! I said, “Yes, please!”

“Are you sure? I know you don’t like to wear these.” She held up the diaper she removed so she could unlock and play with me.

“I’m sure,” I panted.

“Ok.” Her hand moved more rapidly. I felt release building and in a few seconds her hand was bathed in the happy result.

Afterward, she asked me, “How did I do?”

I know she wasn’t referring to the hand job. She knew exactly how she did with that. She was asking about her new found dominance. “You are amazing,” I told her.

“It was ok?”

“Absolutely,” I said, “You offered me a tough choice. You know I hate wearing a diaper and you knew I really wanted to come. It was brilliant!”

“I’m glad it worked for you,” she said in a quiet voice.

She hasn’t yet internalized her role. I know she is still doing it just because I want it. But I have hope. Even if this doesn’t turn out to be her favorite hobby, I think she is getting comfortable in her role. Mrs. Lion is truly an amazing woman!