One of the most difficult things about forced male chastity for me are the long dry spells between chastity or sex-related activities. It’s not a problem with my keyholder. I don’t think it is a defect of mine eihter. The simple reality is that I am constantly aware that my cock is locked in a cage. It’s a small cage that is comfortable enough, but it is a cage nonetheless. So here I am with this steel hanging between my legs and nothing is happening beyond my getting 2 inch semi’s (that’s all the cage will allow).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend all my waking hours thinking about my poor, confined, little weenie. It does come to mind when I sit down to pee, or need to make a quick adjustment when sitting. It’s not even unpleasant realizing that she doesn’t have to do anything more to prolong my suffering. Generally, in a dominant/submissive situation, the person holding the power has to act on the person receiving. Not with forced chastity. Mrs. Lion’s actions ended when she snapped that little lock shut.

Like most men who are in forced chastity, I expect there will be more than solitary confinement. My expectations include some teasing, cleaning, and inspections…hopefully some orgasms too. In my case I am getting lots of attention, sometimes more than I want (like having to wear diapers). But then that is part of the power exchange.

The trouble for some males is that their expectations are fantasy-based and no mortal keyholder is going to be able to meet them. I see this kind of whining fairly often on chastity forums. It makes for dull reading. Actually, if two-year-old’s could type, this is what they would write.  I have even see one toddler type “If she won’t play with you the way you want, throw a tantrum and cut the cage off. That will show her.”

Wow, I bet a threat like this scares the poor woman into doing just what he wants. Even though I have to endure long periods of confinement with no stimulation, I am the one benefiting from Mrs. Lion’s kind indulgence of my kink. As someone who has been on the dominant side of power exchange, I can say with complete confidence that the way to enjoy a long term, submissive (read forced chastity) relationship is to treasure your keyholder and the work she does to please you. If you don’t think it is a gift, start reading the Web. You will find endless, sometimes pathetic attempts single males make to simulate a forced chastity situation. There are quite a few females out there who collect thousands of dollars just to receive and mail back chastity cage keys. I am a very lucky caged lion.