It’s been over a month that I am living in my cage. Over that time, I have been wild for one full day and a couple of nights.  Most of the time when I am dressed, I am not consciously aware of my captivity. But some of my most basic male instincts remind me on a regular basis. I have always enjoyed seeing a nice female ass. It’s not that my mouth drops open in wonder, but I like the view. When I see one now, I remember my cage and my interest is strongly diminished. This is really odd. I never had any interest in trying to have sex with the women that caught my attention. But I did feel a pleasant twinge. Now, the twinge is gone and my interest can only be described as academic.

This is massively irrational. My reaction to a visual stimulus that never had any chance of turning into anything real has literally turned off just because my penis is locked up. My hormones are still working. Mrs. Lion has little trouble getting me to stand at attention. Something has changed. I could explain this more easily if before being caged I actually chased females who attracted me. But I didn’t. I really liked looking, but I have never had an inclination to go further. In short, nothing has changed except my cage.

How can a little cage on my weenie modify behavior? There are male fantasy stories of men, when locked up magically find themselves submissive slaves of their keyholders. That, of course, is just fantasy. My change is subtle. I suspect that it is caused by the fact that now I know I couldn’t actually do anything even if I wanted. There is a big gap between “won’t” and “can’t”. I used to live in the world of “won’t.” Now I simply can’t.

This is profound. I am experiencing a true loss of control. No woman would have sex with me even if I could pry my penis out of its cage. She would know I was doing something wrong. I might be able to masturbate, but it is simply more trouble than it is worth. Mrs. Lion has full control of my ability to have sex. I knew this, of course, when I asked her to lock me up. But there is a big difference between knowing and internalizing. It took a while, but now I have fully internalized the implications of having my penis in a cage.

I am pretty sure that Mrs. Lion doesn’t realize how profound this is. How could she? Female sexuality is so different. The key is that I remember she can’t realize what this means to me. I love it when she teases me. I am careful to let her know how much I like it. It’s hard for her to internalize that I like her making me suffer by being horny without the possibility of release. Forced chastity is all about those frustrations. It’s fun for me up to a point. Of course, when I reach that point nothing changes. I will just have to manage sexual frustration and like it. I’ll try. I have no choice.