Too much sex? Impossible! Well, maybe given my recent captivity that is my not-so-sad situation. Over the last decade, Mrs. Lion has learned to read my not very subtle signals. When I am horny, I tend to “scooch” over on the bed to get closer to her. I may also paw her more than usual. She generally laughs when I do it and teases me about needing something. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my sexual timing is pretty predictable. Around three days after coming, I get restless and clearly horny. Last night I hit that point.

I scooched. Mrs. Lion responded with amazing oral sex. She has committed to being more active in my chastity. I think she is also trying hard to respond to my “needs”. As a result, I am concerned that maybe I am indirectly demanding sex I shouldn’t be getting. Am I calling the shots? What about tease and deny? These questions keep running through my head.

We didn’t start caging me to see how long I could go without squirting. At least I didn’t. I wanted Mrs. Lion to control at least the sexual use of my penis. I want her to decide what satisfaction I get. I also want to play with tease and denial. But that’s what I want. My strongest wish is that I do what she wants.

This sets up a serious dilemma: If I just leave things to her, I am indirectly pressuring her to take full control of a situation she may not feel ready to assume. If I suggest things in my lion-like way, I am topping from the bottom. When we discuss this, she generally responds with, “I will do better,” which suggests that she thinks I am being critical of her lion taming. This is a lose/lose situation.

There is only one way to work our way out of this: we need to keep talking. I need to keep reinforcing how much I appreciate what she is doing for and to me. How even though I may “hate” being so frustrated, having my butt smacked, or being forced to spend my weekend in diapers, I really appreciate that she is doing all this because it is “good for me,” and ultimately, us.

The fact is, she is doing a wonderful job as a beginner. She is learning quickly and I am deeply grateful for her willingness to meet this need. I love Mrs. Lion more every day.