A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most complained about aspects of forced chastity is the nocturnal discomfort that wakes us up several times a night. This is usually caused by an involuntary erection. The cage makes the attempt to get hard painful enough to wake us from a sound sleep. Over time, the number of times we are awakened tends to go down, but supposedly never disappears entirely.

For some reason, the Chinese cage I am wearing now (waiting for my Jail Bird to arrive) is amazingly comfortable. I am largely unaware that I am caged. The only clue I have is that I don’t feel the pressure of my underwear against my penis. The bars keep it “free” and it is a very pleasant sensation. The cock ring is so comfortable I don’t know it is there. At night, however, if I roll over, one of my balls may end up under my leg since they are forced forward by the cock ring. When that happens I wake up and make a quick adjustment.  Erections rarely wake me up. When they do, it isn’t uncomfortable. I think I wake up because I like the feeling.

Today I am at the point where I really feel the need to get off. This seems to happen three or four days after my last stimulation. If Mrs. Lion does nothing tonight, I will be grumpy tomorrow and the next day. If she teases me tonight, I will continue being very horny and possibly grumpy too. I’m not sure, but I think she knows this and will probably arrange to let me “stretch” tonight and stimulate me close to orgasm before returning her toy to its cage. It seems that she still thinks this is cruel. I try to convince her that in one sense it is, but in a much more important sense, it is the whole point of locking me up. Just writing about it is turning me on.

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