As I was about to get started on chores (well, continue them really), Lion asked what the plan was for the day. I listed off a bunch of things that need to get done and then said I didn’t think I’d get to waxing. I mean, I know he needs it, but while I was dizzy, I couldn’t do a lot of things and those things just piled up. In the overall scheme of things, waxing is not top priority. Would he rather be waxed or jerked off, for example. He decided to mutter “of course” or “it figures”. Okay. So, I guess I’m waxing him.

While I was cleaning up the sticks and leaves the dog drags in the house and plugging in the air cleaner from the spanking bench rearrangement and getting the robot vacuum cleaned out, his muttering was on replay in my mind. I decided it would be at least a part of my post. Then I remembered the shock collar. Light bulb moment. I turned on the controller, hesitated for a few seconds, and zapped him. I heard him jump in his chair and he yelled, “Ow!” And asked me why I was zapping him. I explained about the muttering. He insisted he didn’t mutter and that he’d said I don’t have to wax him. Nope. I heard words. Did he really want to try for another zap?

If you remember, Lion has been advocating for a zap or a zap and a spanking for a while. He can’t be sorry he got one. Well, he can, but he can’t be too surprised it happened. He can, of course, be shocked by it. (Sorry. Had to.) I guess he can also be a little happy about it. Why happy? I’ve finally done what he wanted me to do. I’ve corrected him when the offense occurred. Yes, it was some minutes afterward, but it was close to the offense. He annoyed me. I zapped him. Done.

Is it done? I think so. I see no need to spank him. The zap was enough to make my feelings known. At the moment, the wax is melting. Will I get to that? There’s a lot to be done around here, and I have to make sure I save some energy for the Lion fun he didn’t get last night.

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