lion's balls
Yup, these are my balls.

Balls: rubber balls, bowling balls, baseballs, and yes, my balls. These bedonkers hang behind our cocks. Some women like to tickle and play with them. Some like to lick and suck them. Some like to slap them and tie them up. Others avoid them like the plague. Their owners also have diverse opinions about testicular attention. I, for one, appreciate all sorts of activities for them.

Most men will agree that their balls are very sensitive. It’s easy to hurt them in a very unerotic way. We protect them instinctively. You’d think that something as sensitive as balls wouldn’t be so exposed. They have to be. Sperm, the product that balls produce, is very delicate. It needs to be kept slightly below body temperature (98.6o F), but not too far below for viability. The scrotum is a thin muscle sheath that expands and contracts to provide a sort of sperm thermostat. There are also a lot of nerve endings in the scrotum.

fun and games

lion's balls tied tight

Assuming that the balls aren’t currently needed to fertilize an egg, they offer interesting possibilities to the adventurous female who wants to play with her man. The first step is to remove any hair on the scrotum and perineum. Hair gets in the way of most fun and games. Some soft, lightweight rope (Amazon 1/8-inch nylon rope) is perfect for the job. If you precut lengths (6ft, 3ft, 8ft) and seal the ends with a match, you will have a nice ball bondage kit. It’s a very interesting feeling to have my balls tied and separated. When Mrs. Lion gives me a handjob with my balls tied, they bounce and rub the bed under them. Using rope, winding it round and round, she can stretch my balls quite far.

lion's balls covered with clothespins

Another fun game for the adventurous lioness is to apply clothespins to the scrotum. Standard wood clothespins are a good starter (Amazon clothespins). They pinch, but not unbearably. Mrs. Lion likes to see how many she can get on my balls, perineum, and penis. Her record so far is 46. If she pulls the clothespins off without squeezing them open, it’s a whole new, painful experience. She removes them one at a time, allowing me a chance to “savor” each painful removal. Plastic clothespins (Amazon plastic clothespins) are much “gripper” and hurt a lot more than their wooden sisters.

icyhot spray

One of Mrs. Lion’s favorites is applying IcyHot (IcyHot spray) to my balls and perineum. She also applies the cream version and massages it in. She’s careful to avoid the versions that contain Lidocaine (an anesthetic). She wants me to feel the heat. This is one sort of play, like plastic clothespins, that I hate when she does it, but get aroused thinking about it. Mrs. Lion is perfectly happy watching me squirm as my balls roast.

Last but not least is a more exotic form of ball fun: electricity. Devices designed to cause muscles to contract using a small electrical charge are available at reasonable prices. We bought one to help me with shoulder pain. If she applies two conductive adhesive pads to my scrotum and then carefully turns up the juice, my balls will contract and expand with each pulse. Years ago, I had a friend with one of these machines, and she loved watching what it did to my balls. It didn’t hurt; it just felt weird.

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