Strange Orgasm

I don’t want to brag but I’ve packed three boxes today. Actually, that was only an hour. I’ve been using boxes we’ve gotten from Amazon to pack so far. I’ve been able to pick a size that matches what I’m packing. It also helps limit the weight. In the past, I’ve loaded up a big box with books. Try and lift that! Ha!

We do have some leftover boxes from our last move. I just ordered more boxes this morning. They’ll be delivered later today. Then I can really get packing. As if the lack of boxes was standing in my way. I’m standing in my way. But I am making progress. I just hope I’ll continue to make progress and be ready for the movers. I have to be.

After dinner, Lion asked if we could do an Edex shot. Sure. I thought he didn’t want to do anything because he hasn’t mentioned it before then. No problem. I got the dishes out of the way and helped aim the needle. It’s a little tricky because you have to avoid veins, it has to be far enough toward the base, and at about ten or two, so just left or right of center. Even with the lights on all the way, it’s sometimes difficult to see what I’m doing. I think, however, we’ve only missed a time or two.

When I was helping him along with my hand, he was getting hard. My Apple watch thought I was exercising. It asked if I wanted to start an elliptical workout. Anyway, he was hard and then we moved into blow job position, he was pretty limp, but I love feeling him get hard in my mouth, so that wasn’t a problem for me. He didn’t get as hard as he was initially, but I soldiered on.

At one point, I sort of grabbed his balls. It wasn’t like a yank or a squeeze. I just grabbed them as if I was using a rope. Well, I tried to do that. I never actually got a hold of them. He started moving like that was the thing he needed to get over the edge. If I ask him afterwards, he always says he has no idea what I’m talking about, but it seemed to spur him on. In a few minutes I felt his balls retract and he was on his way to an orgasm. Or was he?

On my end, it seemed like a ruined orgasm. All systems go and then I stopped too late. Except I didn’t stop. It just seemed like he hit a brick wall. He said it was weird too. Between not getting very hard and the strange orgasm, I wondered if we got the shot in the wrong place. I don’t know why that would matter for the orgasm. I also don’t know why he was hard at first and then didn’t get that hard again.

He said maybe we can try again soon. Absolutely. I want my cream filling.