Measure Your Chastity Device When Your Penis Is In Turtle Mode

normal flaccid
My “normal” flaccid penis. This is not even close to how short it often gets.

Out of idle curiosity, I searched “male chastity” on Amazon. Tons of Chinese chastity devices showed up. Judging by the promised delivery dates (June), they are shipping from China. FYI, (search chastity) has the same stuff and more at lower prices. More interesting to me is that many of the devices are short–lion short. My Jail Bird has a one-inch cage. It’s nice to see that chastity device makers are creating cages better suited for most of us.

penis turtle size
Turtle mode. A cage about the same length as the head will work perfectly.

Many men who want to buy a male chastity device will measure their cocks when they aren’t at their shortest. A properly fitting chastity device should fit so that the head of the penis is always in firm contact with the front of the cage. Most of us have penises that will “turtle” a good amount of time. This is the correct size for the cage. After several adjustments in cage size, I discovered that the best fit was the shortest cage.

shortened Jail Bird
This is my Jail Bird with the cage shortened to 1-1/4 inches. Now my urethra poked out almost all the time. (Click image to view larger)

If you leave any space in length, the head of the penis will wander, and peeing becomes a seriously messy game of chance. Also, erection control and comfort are improved with a properly sized cage. The diameter of the cage shouldn’t be too small. Ideally, your soft cock will comfortably fit. Squeezing the diameter can result in edema, swelling of the penis in an uncomfortable way.

Speaking of male chastity devices, I expect Mrs. Lion to lock me into my cock ring or a cage now that the little sore I had is healed. She’ll probably lock me into the cock ring. The cage has a spray risk even at its very short length. My urethra can wander and “bite” the bar. This results in a messy trip to the bathroom. She might choose to leave me wild since there is no risk of me jerking off.

Before I started dealing with chastity devices, I had no idea that my soft penis had so many moods. Other men may not turtle as much as me. It’s important to understand this shortest length. For me that meant my cage is only slightly longer than the length of my penis head. I suspect that most men aren’t much different.