Sorry for the delay in posting. We are both pretty busy getting our house in shape—Mrs. Lion is; I’m just lazy. Anyway, after 26 days Mrs. Lion gave me a great orgasm. I don’t think she intended to make me wait that long. We were both tired and the stars didn’t align for a blow job until Friday after dinner.

Mrs. Lion reported that there was no semen this time. That disappoints her. I can think of a few women in my past who would have celebrated dry lion orgasms. I’m happy that my lioness enjoys the taste of semen. I certainly don’t.

She found more of her extensive paddle collection. The last time I was spanked, she used one or two of the newly unearthed paddles on me. Her collection of leather tools is fairly limited, so I decided to add to her arsenal. After extensive research, I found 6 Whips. It’s a small, one-man shop. He custom-makes each item when ordered. I’m not going to give away what I bought. I want to surprise Mrs. Lion.

The reason I decided to add to her collection is fairly selfish. Leather paddles tend to do less damage to my bottom than wooden ones. The problem, from her perspective, is that they also don’t hurt me the next day. I suspect she can’t get the lasting result that is most effective for me because the leather we have doesn’t have the stiffness to create a deeper hit. I think her surprise will give her a paddle that is closer to wood, but still leather. ‘Nuff said.

Even though she has been working hard to unpack, we are still inundated with boxes everywhere. The living room and garage are impassible. There’s a bit of a time limit on unpacking. The management company that handles our house will do a semi-annual inspection in August. We should be unpacked by then.

Meanwhile, we are both trying hard to get back to our normal routines. It’s a challenge.

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