Keep It Simple When You Talk About Domestic Discipline

Let’s face it: domestic discipline is a turn-on.

Maybe I’m getting cynical and grumpy, but it seems to me that the general tone of some spanking blogs is descending into nitpicking over tiny issues that feel far off course. I won’t go into detail, but I suggest domestic discipline is an activity with limited nuance. The harder we work to make it a true lifestyle or pick apart every possible scenario, the further we get from its real value.

In my opinion, there are two flavors of domestic discipline. One is the religion-based discipline of wives. This practice isn’t really consensual and offers real, unwelcome punishments designed to control married women. That’s not what I write about. The second is consensual spanking delivered at the request of the disciplined spouse. This is what most bloggers I read write about.

Mrs. Lion and I practice this second type. Even though some guys won’t admit it, the reason almost all of us ask our wives to discipline us is rooted in the sexual turn-0n we get when we think about being spanked. All those nitpicking posts are clear evidence that some guys spend a lot of time thinking about their disciplinary relationships. I’m pretty sure that the wives who are punished in those religious DD relationships don’t spend any time thinking about their spankings. They just work hard to avoid them.

Sites like the now-defunct disciplinary wives club offer highly sexualized writing about domestic discipline. Even though the site has been inactive for decades, it provides masturbatory fodder to many men. Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy reading that stuff. It turns me on, just as thinking about Mrs. Lion’s spanking does too.

The problem I see with not acknowledging the sexual aspect of DD is that the disciplinary wife is left with an unnecessarily difficult set of choices when confronted with her husband’s desire for her paddle. I think it’s fair to say that most women don’t want to become the strict head of household. They prefer a partnership. I think it is also fair to say that a lot of women could be persuaded to spank their husbands if they understood that it was a sexual turn-on for the men to be disciplined by their wives.

Once they understand that the scope of this discipline can be limited, they might be more likely to give DD a try. Keeping things simple and recognizing the real need for DD has to help a couple adopt the practice. Just my two cents.