Panic Mode

I have been packing and sorting for weeks now. Despite taking things for donation and our garbage can being overflowing, I see little progress. Finally, I told Lion I need a garbage hauler. Last time we moved, we got rid of a lot of junk. Some of it was able to be donated so that was nice. This time, I put some stuff by the road, which usually gets picked up quickly, but the old lawnmower is still hanging around. I was sure it would be the first thing to go. Anyway, I need the junk hauler/donation people to take it and a few other items too big to fit in the car.

I’m also contemplating just boxing up the rest of the crap and taking it with us. I know it’s not ideal, but I feel like sorting is slowing me down. Obvious junk can be tossed, but whether we want this toaster or that mug feels pointless right now. The pantry is still a disaster area. I’m starting to lose track of which is the donation pile and which is the moving pile. I’m frazzled.

lion's hairy penis
Lion knows he’s getting furry. Waxing will have to wait. Click image to view larger.

Lion is not able to help with packing and moving, so he has been planning the set up of the TV and our internet. He gets annoyed when I don’t know the difference between the router and the modem. To be fair, I count five or six boxes on the shelf above my desk. Do we need all of them? What are they all? It just seems needlessly complicated to me. His solution is to make labels for each box. At least I’ll know which one to unplug if he needs it rebooted.

Then there’s the hookups for the generator and the car. He’s bought this wire and that connector and did I take it to the new house yet? I don’t know. I’ve tried putting stuff in one spot to be sure it gets there, but I’m losing track of what wire is what and what connector is what. Don’t I know what a thingamabob widget is? Nope. And I don’t want to know. I’ve got boxes to pack. And unpack in a few days.

The other day, he asked about using some Edex. You bet! I have no idea how long it was since his last orgasm. I know he does. Yes, I know. It’s on the website. [Lion — No, not on the website anymore. No point.] Anyway, he did the shot, and he got his orgasm. I didn’t mention that he was furry. I know he knows this, too. The waxing supplies are packed away. I don’t have time to wax him anyway. It will have to wait until after we’ve moved and somewhat unpacked.

Tonight, I’ll make another donation run before trying to get some more packing done. I have to get it done.