Our Romcom

As I mentioned the other day, the way Mrs. Lion and I met and our relationship began is a textbook example of how to fail with the opposite sex. We met via an online dating site and exchanged only a few emails before agreeing to meet for sex. It was obvious that we were both ready to go.

We met at a motel that rented rooms by the hour. We got into the room and while it was obvious that we were both feeling a bit shy, we got out of our clothes, and had very fun lion-style sex. After our orgasms, we snuggled and talked for a little while, got dressed, and went home. Quite a first date.

We repeated this pattern once or twice a week for more than a month. When the woman who was living with me  finally moved out, Mrs. Lion came there for her visits. She stayed longer. Our pattern didn’t really change. We were out of our clothing within minutes of her arrival and in the afterglow of sex not long after. We did talk. When we weren’t having sex we held hands. Since we were in my house, and Mrs. Lion did not have to be home at any particular time, she stayed and we had dinner together and hung out until she had to leave for work. She worked delivering newspapers and had to be on the road about 1 AM.

This is hardly your typical romantic story. Her visits continued more than once a week and very obviously we enjoyed them. Neither of us can explain exactly what happened, but at some point we both realized that we didn’t want to be apart. I can’t explain it. All I know is that I was lonely when she wasn’t with me.

It wasn’t the sex that glued us to one another. I shouldn’t say that. The sex kept us together until whatever magic made us fall in love had time to work. I don’t think you can find any psychologist or marriage counselor who would suggest that what we did is a good way to forge a lifetime relationship. Certainly, neither of us went in with that in mind. We both just wanted to get laid.

I can see that freely available sex could keep a couple coming back over at least some time. But in my experience, it’s far from enough to make me fall in love. I’d like to claim that at some subconscious level we both knew that we were meant for one another. We’ve talked about this. Neither of us believes we did. If you believe in predestination, then it’s pretty easy to understand what happened to us. If you believe that a lot of fun sex can be enough for a marriage, it’s also pretty easy to believe.

If sex was the principal reason we got together, then when Mrs. Lion started losing interest in it, you would expect things to fall apart.  It didn’t.

There was also the matter of BDSM.

When she met me, Mrs. Lion had absolutely no experience or interest in power exchange. After we had been fucking for a while, I let her know that I like to be spanked. She didn’t look happy when I told her. But, the next time we were together she decided to give it a try. I barely felt her swats.

That’s not the point. The point is that if all she wanted was to get laid, my introduction of spanking should have turned her off. She would have either refused or stopped our trysts. She didn’t. Instead, almost every time we got together, she would spank me. Over time, her hand spanking would make my bottom pink. I’m not sure why she worked hard to succeed at this. Was my reaction something she learned to like?

I don’t think she can answer that question. All we both know is that she learned how to effectively and painfully spank me. She also learned how to do CBT as well. Over time she learned anal play and pegged me with various toys. All the while, we had amazingly nice sex.

If you are a long-time reader, you know that over 5 years ago, Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex for herself. We went through a time when I got very little sexual contact with her. If our relationship was based on sex, during those years we should have broken up. We didn’t. Even though I jerked off two or three times a week, and once a month she would masturbate me or give me oral sex, it never occurred to me to leave or find another partner on the side.

Clearly the glue isn’t sex. It’s our strong love for one another. When we started enforced male chastity and this blog, Mrs. Lion came to know that I needed sex more than once a month. It was obvious that I also needed our power exchange. So, she picked up her paddle, hid the key to my chastity device, edged me almost every day, and gave me just as active a sex life as I had before she lost interest.

In fact, yesterday morning when she served breakfast, I started eating before her. I thought I saw her taking a bite of our cornbread first. As I chomped down on my piece I heard a loud exclamation:

“Ah Ha!”

Her exclamation truly surprised me. I don’t think she’s ever done that before when I’ve broken a rule. In an email later in the morning she told me that I would be punished. She wrote that she wasn’t sure if I would be beaten that night. She decided we would wait until we both saw how we felt. I had an eye doctor appointment scheduled that she is driving me to.

She felt like it. She spanked me and had me yelling loudly. After I thanked her, she told me she wasn’t done. She took me into the bathroom and gave me a mouth soaping. The taste still lingers in my mouth. She made sure it would. Before making me hold the bar in my mouth, she soaped up her hands and covered every inch of my mouth and teeth.

I think Mrs. Lion is still trying to feel out how strict she should be. My recent medical issues makes her more cautious. However, there’s absolutely no reason for her to hold back. When I say it this way, it sounds like she is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to bruise me again. She isn’t. She wants to do what works for me. So what I should really say is that I’m more than ready for her to use all the skills she’s acquired over the years to give me a spanking I will really regret.

You might not think that belongs in a romantic post. I think it does it’s a very clear example of the way we approach each other. For the power exchange to work, I need to believe that she wants me to change and is willing to make it very painful when I don’t do what I should. I think the reality is that she wants to provide me with what I asked her for. She’s been conditioned to expect to eat first. It’s not an emotional blow if she doesn’t. But she knows that I need to feel her authority. When she isn’t strict, it affects me.

Meanwhile, through all of my recent surgical adventures, Mrs. Lion has taken excellent care of me. She could’ve insisted that I go to a rehab facility after my spinal surgery. She didn’t. Instead, she took great care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself.

When we started out, we each had a selfish, sexual goal. We both wanted to fuck. We connected for sex. We continued meeting for sex. Somehow despite that, we fell in love way beyond sex. Now after being together almost 17 years, we are inseparable. How about that?


  1. Not all romances are typical of what we see in films and read in books. Yours is an example of that!

    1. Author

      I wonder what people would make of a movie about our romance?

        1. Author

          Perhaps Dustin Hoffman and Sandra Bullock.

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