We are both totally frustrated and not in a good way. Yesterday, after work, Mrs. Lion wanted to go to the store to pick up a prescriptioon. Our car, a 2023 Hyundai plug-in hybrid wouldn’t even unlock. We called their roadside service people who sent a tow truck. Since the car is all computer controlled, the car was locked in park and had the parking brake on. The tow truck driver tried to jump the 12v battery with no luck. He sent a different tow truck with dollies to go under the locked front wheels. That didn’t work either.

Today (Tuesday), I’ve been on the phone since 9 AM trying to get help. It turns out that the car has a 12v cutoff that prevents the Lion (lithium-ion, not me) battery from being damaged. According to the manual, there is a 12v reset switch. The illustration of the dashboard does not show the switch for the plug-in hybrid. It does show it for the non-plug-in version.

I spoke with two dealers and Hyundai customer support and did a ton of research. No luck. The towing company just called to say that they are trying to get a flatbed with “skates” to take the car to the dealer. Meanwhile, we have a dead car in the driveway. Grrr!

If all that isn’t bad enough, Hyundai said that they can’t even look at the car to fix it for at least two months! Holy shit! Two fucking months! We don’t have another car, so this is a big problem. They might reimburse us for a rental car. How nice.

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  1. Wow,so sorry to hear

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