The Driveway is Empty

It’s hard to believe it’s only Wednesday. It feels like we have been fighting to get the car fixed, even picked up, for a lot longer. I stood in the rain Monday night watching one tow truck driver fail to do what it took another one about a half hour to do. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see that car being towed off.

Of course, the bigger problem is that the dealer can’t get to it for a month. That is until Lion called to ask if he should find a lawyer to sue them. The service guy told Lion not to threaten him, but then, magically, they can look at the car in the next week or so. Lion also got Hyundai to agree to pay for a rental until it’s fixed. Well, we rent it and they will reimburse us. Until today, they wouldn’t even commit to reimbursement.

Lion has been panty-less for all of this. It was a combination of my forgetting and not wanting to add anymore aggravation to his day. He’s been snarling at a lot of people lately. He’s had my blessing with all but one of them. I had to remind him he wasn’t mad at the person he was talking to, but with the company. Thankfully, his growling seems to have gotten the ball rolling. We still don’t know when we’ll see our car again, but at least it’s somewhere it can be looked at. At 3 pm, Enterprise is supposed to pick us up so we’ll have a rental car.

Not surprisingly, we haven’t thought about sex. Nerves have been frayed. Annoyances have been high. I don’t think either of those are good for boners. Once we have the rental car, we may feel better. We don’t leave the house often, but that’s by choice. Not being able to go out is another matter. I still can’t believe a 9-month-old car with 2500 miles on it died like that.

Tonight, we’ll definitely snuggle. We’ll go from there. For all I know, Lion will be incredibly horny once we get the rental car. Maybe he’ll need to recharge another night.