Some Car Issues Seem Settled. Now Time For Sex, Maybe

Maybe we can get back to sex again. I managed to locate a tow truck operator who was happy to tow our dead Hyundai Tucson Plug-In hybrid to the dealer. Hyundai agreed to pay the bill and also is paying for a rental car and any Ubers we need to get business done. I growled at the dealer, and he agreed to work on the car in the next week or so. Before, he said it would be three months.

It’s clear to me that I may have made a mistake when selecting the Hyundai. A car with only 2,500 miles on it shouldn’t have a catastrophic failure like this. We had a Toyota RAV4 for seven years without a single repair. The same was true of my Ford Mustang and our Ford pickups. The RAV4 had almost as much computer stuff as our new car. Anyway, we may end up paying a bunch of credit card interest on the rental car until Hyundai gets around to reimbursing us. The same is true of the towing bill we just incurred.

It’s been eleven days since my last orgasm. Now that the car shit seems to be behind us, the juices are flowing and I’m hoping Mrs. Lion will be in the mood for some lion love.

I’ve been thinking about how difficult we guys make things for ourselves when we introduce male chastity to our wives. We get all tangled up in various scenarios fueled by fantasies we read or create inside our heads. If we just introduced it as a sexual game that takes away our ability to jerk off, it would be an easy sell. Essentially, male chastity forces us to make all sex a partner activity. No more private porn jerkoff sessions. I’ll bet a lot of wives are like Mrs. Lion and don’t want their husbands jerking off.

If I find the time, I’m planning on writing a guide for women whose husbands ask to be locked up. It will be something the men can give their partners instead of the less successful fantasy conversations. I think this approach will make male chastity a lot easier to insert in a relationship. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.