Bad News

Things have been quiet here in the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion has been working, and I’ve been doing some tedious but necessary cloud housekeeping. It’s all techy stuff that bores Mrs. Lion when I try to tell her what I’m up to. The result of all this work, aside from interrupting the website many times, is to speed things up and significantly lower our costs. I’m about done with that stuff just in time for the weekend.

We got a bit of a blow. Our landlord decided to move into our house. We have a few months to relocate. Finding a new place should be fairly easy. There are quite a few houses available in the general area at prices we can afford. The big problem will be moving. I’m not going to be much help. Mrs. Lion will need to do almost all of the work. We didn’t budget for this.

We have five months to move. That’s a nice, long runway. Still, it isn’t going to be easy. We’re both worried about the cost and the needed work. I hope we can still have some fun this weekend. Mrs. Lion hasn’t spanked me in almost a month. I suppose she has a spanking on her weekend agenda. Our football team has a bye this week, so she’ll have some extra time. Maybe there will also be some time for sex and BDSM too. Who knows?