Panic Mode

This afternoon, Lion announced, “This is horrible!” I asked what. He said, “This is the worst news.” Okay, what. “What are we going to do?” I don’t know because he won’t tell me. It turns out our landlord has had some “reversals” and needs to live in our house. Before we moved in he said they’d probably be downsizing into this house, but it was at least eight years away. I figured he’d never leave his upscale house for this place. Wrong.

Lion doesn’t do well with moving. He wasn’t much help at all for the last move. We wound up hiring a moving company to pack a lot and actually move us. We don’t have money for that now. But, the good news is that I never really unpacked a lot of the stuff. Ha! My procrastination may have paid off at last.

In all seriousness, moving is a big problem. At the very least, we’ll need help to move the big things like the bed, washer, dryer and other furniture. I can load up a U-haul with a lot of the other stuff. Last time we had to move in 60 days. This time we have more warning. From a quick check of houses on Craigslist, there are houses available within our price range. I’m sure the list is larger if we widen our search area.

We’re not in crisis mode yet, but we do need to start planning. I’m just glad the landlord let us know on a weekend. I haven’t gotten much work done this afternoon. I’d really be useless if I had to work any more this week. Tomorrow I can start sorting through things to put them in keep, sell, and trash piles. We can do this. We’ll just have to do it with no help this time.