Mrs. Lion read the post I wrote yesterday, “Sex For Us May Have Nothing To Do With Orgasms.” She said, “I wouldn’t make you have sex if you didn’t want it.” Good point. Case closed. In my warped mind, it seemed that the orgasm would be fun regardless of sexual interest. I was being insensitive and selfish.

The simple fact is that I’m very lucky Mrs. Lion is willing to get me off. I’m sure she would be happier if I stopped wanting release. Maybe that’s the considerate thing to do. She does so much for me, and I’m sure that if we took sex off the table, it might make her life easier.

Male chastity and domestic discipline were both my ideas. It’s work for her to keep them alive. Looking back over the last ten years of our posts, much of my time was spent justifying my need for them. I visited other DD and male chastity blogs to see how other guys talked about their lives. Most of them dwell on discussions about justifying their need for the practices.

It may be that this focus repels female readers. Maybe if we took a more realistic approach to what we want, we would get a better response from women. I don’t want to generalize my thoughts to all guys. I want to talk about a realistic view of my situation.

Male chastity and domestic discipline are games I asked Mrs. Lion to play. Male chastity is a very hot sex game. I find it very arousing to know that I can’t ejaculate whenever I want. It’s super hot to me that my wife has total control of when or if I can orgasm. It is fun for me. Wearing a male chastity device is a huge turn-on because it is a 24/7 reminder that my penis is controlled by Mrs. Lion. There was nothing in it for her beyond the enjoyment of giving me so much pleasure.

Domestic discipline is a subject that evokes strong feelings in many guys who practice it. They vociferously assert that their disciplinary marriages benefit greatly because their wives can spank them. That may be true for them, but not for us. It’s true that I’m punished for breaking the rules that Mrs. Lion makes. These rules pertain to things I should do, like setting up the coffee pot for the next morning or sending a daily email.

Yes, those are things that make our lives run more smoothly, but failing to do them doesn’t threaten my safety or Mrs. Lion’s happiness. No one in his right mind would agree that a ten-minute beating with a wooden paddle is the appropriate response for failing to set up the coffee pot. I’ve yet to learn of a wife who proposed spanking her husband as a way to rescue her marriage.

There’s no disputing that domestic discipline has helped me change. The changes are small with little emotional value. That doesn’t mean they’re unimportant. I recognize that by doing my chores and thinking twice before saying something annoying, I’m helping our relationship. Punishing me has helped me make those changes. Mrs. Lion could have helped me change in less drastic ways.

The obvious truth is that I have a sexual connection to being spanked. No, I don’t get aroused when my bottom is paddled. I hate it when Mrs. Lion spanks me. After the pain subsides, I find it arousing to think and write about being spanked. I don’t know why I feel this way; I just do. Domestic discipline is a useful framework for this need and the “catch and spank” game we play.

I suspect that many people believe that calling something a game trivializes it. I disagree. War is a game. It has winners and losers. Games can be deadly serious. Games can also be useful. Male chastity trained me not to masturbate. The last time I jerked off was in 2013. Mrs. Lion’s strict orgasm control conditioned me away from self-gratification. It worked. And it is a game.

The same is true of domestic discipline. It’s a game with consequences for me. That’s what I wanted. I asked Mrs. Lion to make and enforce rules. She agreed. It was my idea and she agreed to play. It turns out that she likes catching me breaking a rule. It’s a sort of cat-and-mouse game for her. She gets nothing out of spanking me. To her, it’s just something that goes with the game. Over time she’s learned to spank me without feeling guilty for hurting me.

The bottom line is that Mrs. Lion benefits from all the work these games create simply because playing them makes me happier. She loves me and wants me to be happy. I’m incredibly lucky she feels this way.

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