Dr. Mrs. Lion Prescribes Snuggling

Today is a weird day. Lion didn’t sleep well last night, so he slept late this morning. He ate breakfast with me but then zonked out until somewhere around 11. His morning email was three minutes late. By rights, I should punish him. I guess it depends on how lenient I want to be. I thought it was Wednesday, so technically, he’s a day early. It also took me until 3 pm to realize his email was late. Two flags on the play. Offsetting penalties. Replay first down. His buns are safe.

Maybe because I thought it was Wednesday, I was thinking it’s time for another boner shot. Last time it was about a week between them. Generally, he gets an orgasm every four to ten days. Of course, there have been times he’s waited longer. Until we got the boner juice, his wait was longer. Surgeries and illness have played a role.

Yes, I said he should let me know when he was looking for love. That doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t decide for him. What if he’s just starting to feel horny, but he doesn’t want to bother me until he’s full on blue balled? What if he’s been horny for a few days, but he’s been having trouble sleeping and he’s been too tired to ask for sex? Some oral sex might wake him right up. I also want to shake things up sometimes so he doesn’t feel bad asking for it. I’m not heartless.

In his (late) email, he said he doesn’t know if he’s horny. Fair enough. Maybe what he needs is some snuggle time under the covers with a drive by from my wandering hands. Even if that doesn’t pique his interest, at least we’re close. We might both fall asleep like we did last week, and that would be perfectly fine.