I haven’t talked about male chastity devices much lately. I try to stay on top of developments in the field. I can’t say that I’ve seen anything new worth much attention. Maybe I’m missing something. Please let me know if there’s something new and wonderful out there. I do want to comment on devices that have worked for me.

First off, the cheap Chinese male chastity devices available everywhere are worth exactly what you pay for them. If you want a toy for short playtimes, a $45 device might work. However, most are too uncomfortable to wear for more than a day or two.

If you want a device that you can wear 24/7, it pays to invest in a quality device. HolyTrainer makes a range of quality off-the-shelf devices that, if sized properly, are amazingly comfortable. I love the v5 Nano and Nub. There are Chinese knockoffs that look the same. They aren’t. Holy Trainers are made of a special, organic plastic that feels amazing against my skin. The cheap Chinese stuff has sharp edges and is made of an inferior plastic. I haven’t found any other off-the-shelf male chastity devices that I like nearly as well.

Bespoke male chastity devices offer the best chance for a perfect fit. I’ve tried many custom devices. My favorite is the Mature Metal Jail Bird. This male chastity device can be worn continuously for years when correctly fitted. I wore one for three years. Mrs. Lion removed it for teasing and orgasms. Once a month or so, I showered without it and cleaned it in an ultrasonic cleaner. I did everything but try to go through airport security with it on.

It took a while to get the fit right. Mature Metal will make adjustments at a reasonable cost. I learned a few lessons about getting a good fit. My key takeaways are: The base ring should be just small enough to prevent balls from escaping if worn without the device. Most men end up with a 1.75-inch (45 mm) base ring. The cage length is a lot less critical than I originally thought. I ended up with a very short one-inch length for the cage. I needed it to be short enough so that the head of my penis always stayed in firm contact with the front of the cage. Peeing was neat and easy when I got that short cage. The diameter should be just a bit narrower than the relaxed width of your flaccid penis.  A little too wide is a lot better than a little too narrow.

The key to success is comfort. The male chastity device is intended to discourage masturbation. It doesn’t have to be escape-proof. You are a grown man who should have enough self-control to resist pulling out of a device to jerk off. The male chastity device is part of a fun power exchange that you asked for. Your male chastity device is there to prevent erections and discourage jerking off. It should be so comfortable that you can forget it’s there.

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