Lion and I went out to lunch with my friend. He was tired and it took him a long time to get ready. We were a few minutes late, but it wasn’t a big deal. Before we left, he asked if I included him because I wanted him to go or because he’d be mad if I went alone. We’ve gone out to lunch with her before. She’s been to our house for dinner. I don’t have a problem with him coming with us. I also don’t have a problem going out alone. Last time, I had no idea what we were going to do. This time I knew it was lunch. Who knows what we’ll come up with next time?

I contemplated allowing Lion to wear his own underwear when we went out. I decided that would be a bad idea. Still, I didn’t want thongs to ride up or slip down. I gave him a pair of my old underwear with boring stripes. No flowers or frills today. I know my underwear isn’t so humiliating. I doubt anyone would be able to tell the difference. If he was in an accident, he had clean underwear on with stripes on them. I’m not even sure they’d notice if he had flowers on his undies. I bet they’d have a lot more to worry about in an emergency.

I’m sure Lion is hoping I’ll spank him today. I don’t really feel like doing it. Maybe we can play the football game tomorrow. I know our team will lose. The quarterback had a season-ending injury last week. The backup quarterback is also hurt. That leaves the lowly third stringer. He didn’t do very well last week. Lion made it seem like he was the worst quarterback ever. He forgets that our “star” quarterback sucked his first year too. I don’t know what our spanking game should be, but I might have to give him extra swats for complaining about the quarterback. He’s become very judgmental in his old age. Maybe I can swat some of that judgment out of him.

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