Time For Everything

We are having another round of nice weather. Unfortunately, after all the rain, the lawn needs to be mowed again. Supposedly, the rain won’t be back until Monday, so theoretically, I can wait till the weekend to mow. I’m not entirely sure I believe the optimistic forecast, but I won’t mow it tonight.

Lion has been hinting (he does more than hint) that he needs to be waxed. You’d think I’d be the one complaining because I’m the one with my face in the area. Nope. I’m adding waxing to the bottom of the list of things to do.

In a conversation with his daughter, I mentioned that I make him scones. He said I didn’t do it enough and pointed out that I buy the ingredients but never make them. I asked when I would have time. He said I have time after work when I’m playing on my iPad. Fair enough. No more winding down after work. I’ll jump right into the to-do list. Maybe he’ll get waxed after all. Since I don’t eat lunch, I’ve been doing things that need to be done. If I skip dinner, think of all the things I can accomplish. Idle hands and all that.

He reminded me that he hasn’t been spanked in a while. As much as he annoyed me on the trip, he should have been spanked nonstop for a week. I know he had a lot of trouble, but it wasn’t a walk in the park for me, either. Since I’m not mowing the lawn, I have plenty of time to spank him for as long as needed. I may even stop to make his dinner and go back to spanking once I clean up. I’ve never spanked him more than once in a day. What is wrong with me? Time’s a-wastin’.