Hotel Sex And We’re Home Again

We spent the weekend visiting family on the East Coast. Aside from the tedious six-hour flights, it was fun. Mrs. Lion was fantastic. I couldn’t have made the trip without her hard work taking care of me. My terrible vision made travel scary and impossible for me alone She patiently took my hand and helped me get through airports and flights.

Small silicone paddle spanking between my ass cheeks

We had hotel sex! After leaving the family, we came back to our hotel. We did an Edex injection. I was fully hard in five minutes. Then, Mrs. Lion showed me the paddle she brought: the silicone nasty little paddle. She then used it for a play spanking with me across the bed. She teased me about being hard while she beat me. Humph!

When she finished, she gave me great oral sex. She said that she got some nice “cream filling.” I’m glad she likes it so much. If she didn’t, I would probably end up consuming it. Nope, I don’t enjoy that at all. It’s interesting how different our tastes are. I doubt many men like the taste of semen. Mrs. Lion says that she always liked it; not just mine. I’m happy to supply it whenever she wants.

I am definitely not a fan of long flights. We flew on Alaska Airlines. There was plenty of legroom. The seats themselves in the new Boeing 737 were impossible to get comfortable in. Ugh. Mrs. Lion had a hard time with our carry-ons and keeping me out of trouble. On our next trip (Hawaii in a few months), I think we will check more. I will put my computer in the checked baggage. That should make it possible for us to share a single carry-on bag.

Mrs. Lion is convinced it would be better if I were in a wheelchair. She could pile the carry-ons into my lap. I really don’t want that. I don’t think she understands how bad being disabled makes me feel. Underlining my disability by making me ride in a wheelchair is an indignity I’m not ready for. Sure, it’s slower walking through the airport. I get it. I don’t think she understands how independent I feel when I do that, even holding her hand for help.

I want to keep as much independence as I can have. I’m not an invalid yet. I’ll get on the treadmill and get better at walking. I’m sorry I made the trip so difficult for my lioness. Maybe I should let her go to Hawaii without me. She’d have a better time.


  1. I hope your medical problem which I know can be most complicated hasn’t led you to a typical medical practitioner, should I name them all and their category, so many to keep track of. We old people can easily get trapped without any options, but the battle rages on. I think the reason getting healthy is so difficult is is simple and that is that (your typical AMA doctor) have been trained with protocols that do not lead you to normal health recovery. It happens that their relationship with big Pharm has led to the demise of our “health industry”, so try to find a natural path or human biologist, because in most cases these medical people believe in the “do no harm” theory and other safe solutions to lead you to a more happy and healthy life, so good luck. For example; do you think that that our FDA is helping us stay more healthy as a country? For health not profit.

    1. Author

      I’m not getting into that debate. We have to take charge of our individual health decisions and do what we think is best.

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