Public Boners

I made an appointment with a urologist to begin the process of escalating my boner issues. For a long time, I just accepted that I was OK if I could get an erection and ejaculate one way or another. In the past, I wrote about my difficulty with any position other than cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. I opined that all the years of being jerked off and occasionally sucked trained me only to respond when on my back.

Lately, even that isn’t too reliable. For some time, I’ve been taking generic Cialis to help with erections. Truth be told, it doesn’t seem to work all that well. As I recall, generic Viagra worked better. As I mentioned in my post yesterday (“Woodys On Demand“), I’ve been researching injectables that produce reliable boners. I don’t like to admit that I have ED (Erectile Dysfunction), but I do. I’ve had it for a long time. There are two main symptoms: The first is the inability to get hard enough to have intercourse, and the second is being unable to stay hard once inside.

Even before Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex, I had trouble staying hard until I ejaculated inside her. Now, I tend to lose my erection while she is sucking me. Sometimes it comes back. Often it doesn’t. I have ED. It’s getting worse. That’s why I checked out other ways to improve things.

The most reliable medication to produce erections is alprostadil. It has to be injected into the spongy tissue of the penis. Most guys don’t want to consider an injection down there. I’m not thrilled at the idea, but there are serious advantages to this stuff. It’s available in a super-expensive brand-name form, Caverject. A generic version called Edex is also available. Edex is covered by my health insurance.

Alprostadil is a very unstable organic molecule. In liquid form, it can survive for twenty-four hours. Caverject and Edex are provided as freeze-dried powders that are stable for long periods of time. Both come in special two-chamber injectors that mix the powder with sterile saline before injecting. It’s a little bit of work to mix before using.

The actual injection shouldn’t be much of a problem. You do it on the side of the shaft of the penis. The shaft has very few nerve endings and is not very sensitive to pain. An erection occurs between five and thirty minutes after injection and lasts at least an hour. Cool!

Here’s the part I feel a little weird about. I’ll have to get my first injection(s) at the doctor’s office. He has to determine how much alprostadil I need to get the right result. Too little, and I won’t get very hard or stay hard very long; too much, and my erection can go on for more than four hours. That’s not safe, and if it stays hard for more than six hours, permanently damage my penis. The doctor or nurse injects a small dose into my penis. If I don’t get erect enough for intercourse, or the erection lasts for less than an hour, they try a larger dose. They can try two doses in a single day.

What that means for me is that I have to sit there with a woody until it gets soft. This goes on until I get sufficiently hard and stay that way for an hour, no more. If I’m hard longer, they have to try again. Do I have to sit in the waiting room with an obvious boner on each try? People will think I really like reading The New York Times.

The appointment clerk called me today to schedule me with a urologist. The first thing she said was that this was a consultation appointment. I wouldn’t be injected, then. Does everyone at the hospital know about my boners? I suppose it won’t be a secret after I get an injection.

This isn’t the first time my penis has been front and center there. A few years ago I had kidney stones removed. The surgery is performed by entering the kidney via my penis. I was under full anesthesia so I wasn’t aware of all the activity going on during the surgery. However, a few days afterward, I had to go back to the urology department for removal of a rubber sheath that was placed in my ureter after the surgery. I had to disrobe and lie on an exam table.  A nurse came in with a sterile, green cloth with a large hole in the center. You guessed it. That went around my penis. Then the doctor fished inside with a scope–I watched via a monitor as it snaked its way inside me. Afterward, the nurse washed the betadine off my privates.

I guess that they do these things to lots of men. I can’t claim I haven’t had a boner in front of other people. At a few large play parties, I’ve ended up tied to a table or in a sling with everything hanging out. I almost always got a happy ending in front of a small audience. I always kept my eyes closed. Maybe I should do that at the doctor’s office too.