We are trying to return to normal. Now that we have a working ED solution and I am orgasmic on Mrs. Lion’s schedule, our sex life can be restored. For the last five months, our focus has been on erections and ejaculation. There has been no BDSM activity. Even though she threatened, Mrs. Lion hadn’t put my shock collar on my balls. The IcyHot and clothespins remain in her toy bag. My leather restraints are also MIA.

The boner injections are ideal for BDSM activities. She can make me erect regardless of my interest in sex. In fact, I learned about injections for erections from a woman who used them as part of her CBT routine. She would inject her victim, guaranteeing at least two hours of wood while she and a friend tortured their victim. All always had a very good time. A post-ejaculation erection allows the fun to continue, even if the man would rather take a nap.

Now that I know a lot about these injections, I wonder if these women really used the drug for play. It takes time and trial-and-error testing to determine the safe and effective dosage. It would be unsafe to inject the drug at more than a minimal dose to someone who has never used it before. Now that we know the correct dose for me, using it to produce wood for play is certainly something Mrs. Lion can do. Hint, hint. Since Mrs. Lion works from home, she can easily use my shock collar any time, day or night. The new season of Jeopardy has started, so Mrs. Lion can play Zapardy if she wants.

worst customer service ever!

On Monday, I reviewed our auto insurance. We have Allstate Milewise. It’s a policy that bases its cost on the miles we drive. We got it last Spring. I wondered if it was a good deal for us,  so I called Allstate customer service to ask if they could compare the cost of this plan versus the fixed-cost auto insurance.

The first call was answered by an East Asian with exceptionally poor English. I asked to be connected to an agent in the US. After arguing with me in badly broken English, I was finally connected to a US person. She could speak English but had no clue how my policy worked. I tried to explain what I needed. She just hung up on me. I tried again, got another East Asian, and was transferred to a guy in the US who helped a little. When I asked for a cost comparison, he hung up. Apparently, Allstate Insurance isn’t interested in their customers.

I spent the next half hour getting online car and home insurance quotes. The Hartford came up with the best price. I called and was treated wonderfully. Every question was answered. I ended up getting the same auto coverage for about half of what Allstate  charged. I would have been happy to pay a bit more.

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