While Lion takes his shower, I have to change the bed. I get behind with laundry and don’t change it as often as I should. Lion gets itchy when it goes too long. He’s allergic to the dog. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from getting golden retrievers.

Once the bed is clean and all the dog fur/crumbs are gone, I was going to tell him to take a boner shot. However, I just looked and he was a half hour late with his morning email. It’s no longer morning when it’s past noon. Apparently he needs another reminder. Now I have to change the bed, swat the Lion and, if I’m feeling generous, torture him in some way before I give him an orgasm. A lioness’ work is never done.

The last time he wanted to do a boner shot and I had to punish him, he didn’t feel like doing the boner shot after all. He doesn’t like when I won’t do punishment and sex on the same night, but I don’t think he’s very happy to do it either. Does it depend on how bad the beating is? Maybe it depends on how mad he is at himself for breaking a rule. He can’t be mad at me. I’m only doing what the silly boy asked me to do. And, let’s be fair, he really trained me to do it. Is it my fault if I’m a good student? [Lion — GRRR]

Why should I leave it up to him whether he has sex after his spanking? I want him to enjoy it. Plus, everything is consensual. If he says no to playing on a given night, it wouldn’t be right to make him. That’s not how it works. On the other hand, if he’s just got hurt feelings from the spanking, refusing sex doesn’t seem right either. I’ll have to be a detective to figure out what the issue really is. Of course, this is all assuming he doesn’t want sex after his buns have been whomped. Maybe he will.

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