Tonight For Sure

clearpaddle 1

I didn’t spank Lion last night. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. I’m notorious for not following through. I don’t have a reason for not doing it. I’d changed the bed and then started to relax before he was out of the shower. Could I have roused myself? Should I have roused myself?

Yes to both.

Lion didn’t bring the Edex out of the bathroom with him like he usually does when he’s anticipating doing a boner shot. Didn’t he want sex? Maybe he thought he wouldn’t once I spanked him. Either way, there was no sex to be had. I did move over next to him in bed after dinner. I didn’t snuggle in as close as I usually do, but that’s because snuggling and watching TV don’t work well for me. My neck and shoulder tend to hurt. But I kept my hand on his thigh for a long time.

I’ve been dealing with sinus issues for weeks now. Some days it’s worse than others. I even did a COVID test today because I was cold and achy. Negative. Lion thinks it’s allergies. I took one of his allergy pills a few minutes ago. We’ll see what happens. It could also just be the change in the weather. It’s been cooler, then warmer, then cooler, then warmer. Lots of back and forth do me in. I can usually tell when it’s about to rain based on how clogged my head feels. Think of me as a human barometer.

I don’t care how I feel later. I’m going to make sure Lion gets the spanking he deserves. It’s up to him if he feels like sex afterward.

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