Much More Than Sex And Kink

Sex and love don’t always go together. Most adults have had sex with partners that they didn’t love or who didn’t love them. Love is an emotional connection. Sex is physical, driven by hormones and instinct. When sex and love are combined, the force is seismic. From what I can tell, this organic blend of hormones, intimacy, and emotion is pretty rare. That’s been the case with Mrs. Lion and me.

She’s done a great job of separating sex from domestic discipline. Sex is never used as a punishment or reward. Even our male chastity avoids connecting sex with external events. Mrs. Lion never extended my wait for behavioral issues. She gives me orgasms when she feels it’s time. That’s great, but organic intimacy is sacrificed by the necessity of maintaining a healthy ejaculation schedule.

All this is great. It works for us. But it also helps us overlook an important expression of love. We love one another. Neither of us ever doubts that. We don’t express that love in physical ways. This is mostly my fault. I’ve always been very shy about initiating physical activities. I don’t know why, but something stops me. I’m fine about responding, but that first kiss that moves to be close is nearly impossible for me. I’m good verbally but useless in making the first move.

This fault has cost me many opportunities for good times. It also may be why Mrs. Lion lost her libido. Now that it’s gone, she isn’t driven to be affectionate with me. Combine that with my inability to initiate, and we have a couple who have limited physical contact. That doesn’t affect our love for one another, but I feel a sense of loss. I loved touching her and feeling her respond. I miss kissing and touching, feeling her excitement growing under my fingers and lips.

We are both changing physically. We have lost considerable weight in the last nine months. Physical contact is much easier, at least I think it would be. I’m within about ten pounds of my ideal weight. Mrs. Lion is more than halfway to her goal. It’s a good feeling.

Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex. She can have orgasms; at least she could last time I gave her one. She just doesn’t care about sex for herself. She’s very generous about giving me sex. I’m back to having regular orgasms thanks to her hard work getting me off. I’m happy with my sex life. I just wish we could recover our intimate contact. Even if we can’t manage to do it, I’m very happy to be with the love of my life.

and now for something completely different — unreadable blogs!

A growing number of blogs use themes that feature grey body type on a white background. Many are unreadable to me. My vision is very poor due to glaucoma. My ability to deal with low-contrast images, including type on a screen, is very poor. There are excellent standards for making sites readable for everyone. I realize that many bloggers struggle with the technical challenges of owning a website and often rely on the vendor (usually to manage all details. Most blogger sites are fairly readable to me. Some aren’t.

As website owners, we owe our readers a good experience. All blog styles offer a way to control body type style, size, and color. If you are asked for a color number, black is #000000 or #000. It is always a good choice. If it asks for type size, a good minimum is 16 pixels. That works very well in most browsers. I use slightly larger type here.

As a matter of policy, I won’t list blogs that I can’t easily read. I’m sure that I’m missing some good stuff thatl’s just too grey for me. If you have any issues reading this site, click the little orange symbol on the right side of the page. It will let you reformat the site to suit your needs. I want everyone to be able to enjoy our blog.

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  1. Since you have commented on “readability,” I just wanted to send a followup comment to that of several weeks ago, and thank you for changes in your own web-pages.

    The change in how your “heading” on each page behaves, the removal of the “sliding” into and out of view, regardless of where in the page a visitor might be reading, is a great improvement in your own blog!

    (I don’t know if I was the only person to comment on these “sliding headers,” and thus I am unique in this respect, but I certainly appreciate that change. In many ways this is similar to the “good old days” of HTML 1.0, when so many people thought it was cool to use “flashing text,” which was soon determined to be terribly annoying. I often wish web-designers would somehow “get the message” the the current craze of “subscription pop-up boxes” feel like web-pages “slapping their visitors in the face!” I WILL NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO ANY WEBSITE THAT SUDDENLY “POPS” A BOX IN MY FACE WHILE I’M TRYING TO READ SOMETHING ELSE!

    1. Author

      I’m glad you like the change. I hated the way the header moved. You can personalize this site by clicking the orange accessibility logo on the top-right of the screen. It slides (sorry, that’s how it works). You will see lots of accessibility options. I want this site to be usable by all. I have a visual impairment that makes it difficult for me to read many sites. I hate those stupid popups too. Apparently, they work.

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