It Would Have Taken Two Minutes To Send Her An Email. I Forgot And Earned Ten Painful Minutes Of Spanking

lion's spanked butt

As I predicted, Mrs. Lion spanked me on Wednesday as soon as she got off work. It was a ten-minute-plus spanking that had me yelping all the way. Mrs. Lion said that there was lots of blood, but that didn’t deter her. She has long experience tanning my hide. I got the message that she was determined to let me know how important it is to send her a daily email before noon. This was my sixteenth spanking this year. I expect that Mrs. Lion will make up for lost time now that she is in disciplinary mode again.

The idea of adult spanking can seem incredibly strange and kinky to people unfamiliar with the practice. I admit that I have had an erotic attraction to being spanked. I can’t positively confirm it, but my only childhood spanking–pajamas down and over my mother’s lap–was cut short before she got off a single swat. I’m sure it was because I had an erection. She had no experience with spanking, and I imagine my hard little penis disturbed her. Women who come from spanking families are familiar with male erections before a spanking starts. I’ve read enough accounts of male spankings to believe this pre-spanking erection is common. It usually goes away once the pain begins. It does with me.

My erotic association with spanking is what motivated me to ask Mrs. Lion to spank me. She did it in BDSM scenes with me. It evolved into our current domestic discipline marriage. I don’t get hard before spankings anymore. Thinking about being spanked does turn me on. Being spanked is absolutely no fun at all. I work hard to avoid being spanked.

Adult spanking is very different than the more common parental spankings. For one thing, they are far more severe. That makes sense. Adults fully understand why they are being punished, and the punishment has to rise above any fantasy or erotic thoughts. In order to make the proper impression on my, Mrs. Lion has to make sure that she is causing me sufficient pain for me to realize that she is unhappy with my behavior. Adult spanking is a form of communication. Its purpose is to express unhappiness with something I’ve done in no uncertain terms. It also reminds me that I’ve granted my lioness the power to hurt me if she feels I need correction.

If a spanking isn’t strong enough to make me understand that it’s better to follow a rule than get punished, domestic discipline won’t work. Mrs. Lion has learned to make sure that I understand that breaking a rule is far worse than following it. That’s the entire point of domestic discipline. Punishment is unavoidable if I break a rule. I have a sore spot on each cheek to remind me to send that daily email.

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  1. Spectacular results! Love the blue on the outside, the uneven crimson nearer in, then it going back toward white in the centres. I would always stop a spanking at the first sign of blood, but if that’s explicitly okay, it would actually turn me on to just keep going like that.

    And WHAT a naughty little boy, getting an erection while going across mommy’s knee? Fine, over the back of the couch it is for a taste of the strap!

    1. Author

      Blood is a standard occurrence with me. Mrs. Lion knows that and ignores it.

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