ferrule paddle on lion's butt

I need to look for my paddles. I have a shoe caddy hanging on the back of the bedroom door. It used to hang on the closet door, but it’s difficult to open the closet with it on, so I moved it. The problem is the back of the bedroom door is not convenient. Now, I put my paddles on a shelf near the closet. They get all jumbled up with other things, and I can’t find the one I want when I want it. That did not deter me from spanking Lion.

There are still many paddles to choose from. I’ve been starting out with a wooden paddle with a heart-shaped head. I don’t hit hard because I’m just trying to wake his buns up. This was before I started the timer, which I remembered to set for ten minutes. When I started hitting for real, I switched to a leather paddle.

After the leather paddle, I found a silicon paddle. It feels light, but I’m sure it doesn’t feel light to Lion. It has a nice spring back so I don’t have to move too much to deliver an effective swat. At some point, before I even switched to wood, he started to bleed. How rude! I grabbed a few tissues to blot the blood and continued on my quest for red buns.

Since he was already bleeding, avoiding wooden paddles was unnecessary. The paddle I was looking for, with tread tape on one side, was nowhere to be found. Too bad. I made do with the bloodwood ferrule and the thick spoon-shaped ones. Lion will probably say I more than made do.

I gave him quite a few single bruise-inducing swats toward the end. It rarely works. For all his yelping, bruising him is very difficult. He has a few sore spots, but I doubt they’re bruises. I shall keep trying.

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