Ten Years Of Lions

The tenth anniversary of this blog is coming up in a few months. It documents a decade of male chastity and about five years of domestic discipline. We’ve written over 6,300 posts, and over seven million people have visited our site. Most have seen pictures of my bottom and penis.

My famous penis..
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Aside from writing about male chastity, spanking, and domestic discipline, we’ve also traced my experiences with ED. ED is the most emotionally charged of all the topics we’ve addressed. The good news is that after a lot of experimenting, we’ve found a solution that restores full sexual functionality to me. I’m very happy about that.

My bare, spanked bottom
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All of our writing has been about me on the receiving end of the paddle and female authority. That isn’t a completely accurate picture of me. It’s true that Mrs. Lion is firmly in charge, and I am under her discipline. It’s also true that I spent the majority of my life on the other side of the paddle, delivering spankings and other fun sensations to willing females. There are times that I remember with fondness those sessions that evoked female screams and tears.

It’s true that blogging can inspire true friendships. Despite our 180-degree political differences, Julie of Strict Julie Spanked, has become a true, lifelong friend. I’m very happy to have found her. Real friends are rare and precious. Spankable real friends are like blue diamonds.

My relationship with Mrs. Lion has benefited from our blog. It has allowed us to express feelings and desires in writing. I’ve discovered that sharing this way allows me to work out sometimes-scary needs in a safe place. We’ve done this with our posts and with emails to one another. The requirement to post regularly (almost daily), forces us to stay current with one another.

I can’t claim that we are the typical kinky couple. There’s no such thing. Maybe some of what we’ve learned will help others in their adventures.  I’m just happy that you are along for the ride.


  1. Thankyou again for your blog started reading your blog more too the chastity and FLR style that you Lioness have as my relationship with Mrs is same and in last couple month have interduce spanking to our sexaul activities not to D,D and getting better to colour of buns and not feeling the guilt to the act of spanking me .
    Question Lion for first times like myself as spankee really like for Mrs let lose I am ready but finding it hard too coach her to doing it is there advice you can or Lioness that help please.

    1. Author

      We’ve written a lot about our growth in spanking. I never comment on spanking while Mrs. Lion has a paddle in her hand. We do discuss the spanking afterward. At that time, it is appropriate to let her know your reactions. It took Mrs. Lion a very long time to get truly strict with her spankings. Be patient. You may miss the “good old days” when she didn’t hit so hard.

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