The wax is melting. I excavated the wax cart from the pantry yesterday. I’ll set up the play massage table and wax Lion in the bedroom. The pantry is still a mess. I may do a good job with waxing, and it may not take long, but it is one of my least favorite things to do. I’m sure I’d feel differently if I cared whether he was furry or not. He likes to be hairless. I don’t like the way his lower legs look with no hair, so I’ve stopped waxing them. I guess I could advocate for going back to the belly button to mid-thigh waxing he had before. The truth is, he really doesn’t have much fur than that anyway. It wouldn’t save me any time.

We have a new sound bar to set up in the living room. I doubt we’ll spend any more time in there, but I’ll put it together. Maybe Lion will get some use out of it if he ever uses the treadmill. Maybe I’ll use the living room and he’ll have to follow me if he wants us to be together. I don’t care so much about watching TV, but I don’t like only being in the bedroom all the time.

I’ve been trying to keep the house clean. Aside from a few empty cardboard boxes and baskets of clean laundry, the only thing that doesn’t belong is the sound bar and some hardware stuff Lion got. The dog has been doing her best to scatter more toys around the house since she rediscovered her living room toy box. I suppose I could have kept things cleaner, but I was doing my best to enjoy my three-day weekend.

Lion wanted to do another boner shot last night. I guess I didn’t take the hint when he went into the bedroom for a while before his shower. We decided what we wanted for dinner, and I thought about the boner shot while he was taking a shower. He said he was hungry and would rather eat and then do the shot. Of course, by that time, he’d decided against it. We’ll do it today after he’s waxed and showered. I know he’s worried about this boner shot not working and/or not being able to have another orgasm. I’ll do everything I can to squeeze more cream filling out of him.

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