He Needs Another Reminder

I had Thursday through Tuesday off. Lion’s requirement to send me an email is for workdays. If I’m not working, he doesn’t have to send me an email. Simple, right? I never know what day it is anyway, and yesterday I was bogged down with emails and meetings. This morning, I realized he never sent an email for yesterday. Oops. He’s been reminding me about punishment day, but that’s been a rule for a long time, and he cheats. He has his calendar to remind him. Maybe he needs to add an email reminder.

There’s no way I had the energy to punish him last night, even if I did remember his broken rule. The cleaning, walking, and cooking when family was here wiped me out. I don’t think I’ve been sleeping well, either. And Lion likes to stay up late. Sometimes, he goes back to sleep after I start working. Plus, just because I’m tired right after work, doesn’t mean I’ll be tired when it’s time for bed. My mother used to snooze in her chair watching TV and then said she had to wake up to go to bed. Maybe I need to brush my teeth after dinner, so I’ll be ready for bed when I’m tired.

I’m not tired right now. If that holds, I can whomp Lion’s tender buns when he gets out of the shower. Nice, soft, warm buns. Of course, I make them warmer. Lion both loves and hates that. I’ll still never understand why he wants to be spanked. Pain is something most people try to avoid. Why look for pain? I’m not saying he breaks the rules on purpose. But he is the one who wants to be punished.

Lions are silly.

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