We Need To Restablish Our Domestic Discipline

We didn’t have the discussion I expected after my post yesterday, “What Makes Lion Come?.” I expected that we would talk about BDSM and spanking. Mrs. Lion mentioned that she thought CBT was BDSM. I agreed that it was. She thought about things for a while and then commented that she used to shove things up my ass. I agreed. Maybe she’s thinking about resuming anal play. She didn’t mention our bondage equipment.

She said that I was due for a spanking, but made no move to give me one. She wrote that it will be punishment for being snarky to her. Yes, I guess I’ve been less careful about how I talk to her. She didn’t mention the need for more watchfulness. Maybe she doesn’t feel up to it. We often read what each other writes, but don’t talk about what is said. I think it’s a missed opportunity.

Since Mrs. Lion’s office is about ten feet from mine, we no longer exchange emails. That’s too bad. We had a lot of fun exchanging emails throughout the day. Mrs. Lion would get me pretty aroused with some of her “coming attractions.” Maybe we can resume even though we are just a few feet apart. It could be that because we are together all the time, some of the tension we used to build no longer happens.

It’s very easy to let things slip. We’re very good at that. It’s why we have to find ways to keep things going. When we first started with domestic discipline, we set up “punishment days.” Mrs. Lion designated Monday, Thursday, and Saturday as punishment days. I was (still am) required to remind her on each of those days. When we first started out, Mrs. Lion would dispense punishments I’d earned on punishment day.

She doesn’t wait for punishment day anymore. Spanking me is no longer something that she needs to think about. She does it with the same lack of emotion that she gives to vacuuming. It’s just another activity she needs to complete.  I’m glad she’s comfortable with it. That was a tough hurdle for her to get over. I’m proud of her.

The challenge is to get back what we lost. My ED and anorgasmia have made her feel uncertain about what to do. I think that domestic discipline is completely separate from my sexual interests or performance. It’s understandable that something as upsetting as this would add uncertainty to feelings about spanking. After all, we started spanking as a BDSM activity. The sexual connection is still in both of our minds. However, we both agree that domestic discipline isn’t about sex. Mrs. Lion spanks me regardless of my interest in sex. I get spanked when I need it. That’s the way it should be.