Tie Him Up. Tie Him Up.

lion tied spread-eagle to the bed

I have been lulled into not doing anything with Lion since he’s had his issues with ED and now being unable to orgasm. My brain knows we need to do more. Well, part of it does. Another part of it is sort of paralyzed, not knowing what to do. Suck it up! That’s what to do. Get off your a$$.

On Sunday, Lion wasn’t feeling well. He thought it might be a side effect of the horny pills. He tried to help make blueberry pies, but he started fading toward the end of the first one. I finished up the second one while he rested. I’d planned on spanking him but didn’t think it was a good thing to do if he wasn’t 100%. What happened last night? Nothing.

That is the problem.

I’ll have to swat his buns tonight.

In his post yesterday, he said we haven’t done any BDSM other than CBT, but reasoned that that’s all I do anyway. I reminded him that I shove things up his ass from time to time. He agreed but said there were many other things we could do.  I know he wants me to tie him to the bed. But then what? We’re pretty much back to CBT at that point.

I think I need to uncover our giant box of toys that have been sitting in the mud room since we moved a few years ago. I don’t expect to find anything earth-shattering, but I may come up with some ideas to spice things up a bit. I know. I know. Just tie him to the bed, and Mr. Weenie will spring into action. That’s probably true. If nothing else, it’s worth a try.

As far as tonight goes, I’ll pull out the spanking bench after work and give him rosy cheeks. I don’t think I’ll time it. I may time it, but I won’t set a timer. The less he knows, about how much spanking he has left, the better.

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